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Philodendron lynnhannoniae type

Philodendron lynnhannoniae type

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Number of ratings: 7
Average rating: 3.6
Better than I could ever imagine
I had this plant shipped to Canada (Ontario) in November. I know this plant has thin leaves and rarely ship well so I expected some yellowing and leaf drop. I ended up getting 5 perfect leaves (largest leaf was about 6 inches) but no damage at all, like I picked it up locally
Ordered 1 with usps express to Austin TX. Arrived with all leaves damaged. One is barely hanging on now. Roots were dry, but not rotted. Currently rehabbing in greenhouse. Ask for return policy before purchase.
Amazing. My new favorite philodendron!
It didn’t do amazing during shipping but it didn’t do bad either. Some leaves suffered but the roots were still in great shape. The leaves of this philodendron are unreal and it quickly became my new favorite and I just can’t wait for it to bounce back and love me as much as I love it.
Lovely but would not buy it again
I really love this plant (on my wishlist for a long time), but it was so tiny and in such bad shape that I had to cut it down to a leaf. Would not recommend to buy it.
Breathtaking beauty
I recieved a quite small plant, but it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It had a good root system and I am completely happy with Ecuagenera. The plant did not love the trip to Sweden and has lost all of it's leaves, but who would not be in shock after that long of a trip and change of climate?! I am doing everything for it to be able to recover and grow out new beautiful leaves, cause it is no doubt a true beauty, and I am crazy about it.
Received a plant with good root system 2 leaves and one on the way. One of the leaves didn't make it through shipping. The Other one is healthy and the one on the go is also.
good size and the plant had beautiful leaves, but it didn't make it through shipping. Had to cut them down and restart over.