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Monstera subpinnata

Monstera subpinnata

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Number of ratings: 12
Average rating: 4.3
A very unusual monstera that arrived in perfect condition, no demage at all with healthy roots. After repotting it produced new leaves.
The packing was quite bad so most of leaves had snapped clean off.
The plant has made a miraculous recovery nonetheless and is putting out new growth
Did well in shipping
The plant seemed to do well with the long shipping. It was a little sad when it arrived but adjusted quickly. Lots of leaves and great root system.
Few but beautiful leaves, roots are okay
This M. subpinnata came in with 5 leaves, but the bottom two were completely yellowed and fell off when I took it out of the box. I paid for express shipping and wonder if they'd be completely dead without it. Roots were okay, and the one leaf that was already unfurling has unfurled, although it is still soft after two weeks.
Nice sized plant. Did ok in transit.
I got this plant a couple months ago. The plant arrived very healthy and large. After I repotted it, it produced two leaves and it keeps growing. A very unusual monstera that is super easy to grow.
Arrived in excellent condition
One of my favorite monsteras. Highly recommend ordering with express shipping because monsteras don't ship very well. Mine arrived with a great root system and leaves.
Very good little plant
It arrived in not most amazing shape. But, its the risk one takes when ordering overseas. One leaf fell off in transport others a bit damaged. And it was a bit smaller than i though. BUT other plants in the shipment that where more than i expected, made up for that fact.
All in all, a good one.
Stem is healthy and so are the roots.
I believe she will recover in no time. :)
Beautiful Plant
Okay, this is my second time ordering this plant. This plant is much taller, with four lovely leaves. I made one mistake. I usually leave them in their packing material for a couple(2) days, so they can acclimate to their new surrounding. I got distracted so today is day four and 3 of the 4 leaves are yellowing. The sphagnum was too wet. (MY FAULT) I’ll show it love and I’m sure it will recover. Will buy again.
Arrived with 2 leaves, 2 weeks later, I still have 2 & throwing a new leaf! Nice sized & packaged well!
This plant is delicate and finicky
My plant arrived with 4 leaves. One was D.O.A. Another was yellow and on its way out. The remaining two did not want to be looked at let alone handled. I placed her in a small pot in the same sphagnum she shipped in. Placed the pot 5 feet away from a east facing window and basically ignored her for 3 weeks. Today I noticed a new leaf. She has decided to stay :-)
Plant didn't arrive well
Plant sent with 2 leaves. One leaf was dead upon arrival, and the other yellowing. Waiting to see if it produces new leaves.