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Anthurium rugulosum

Anthurium rugulosum

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 4.4
Nice plant
Arrived well packed and healthy. Well rooted and leaves intact.
Great plant
This plant arrived in great shape. It developed a slightly burnt edge to the youngest leaf a few days later. But overall great shape and doing well!
Quite disappointed!
Mine arrived with dark brownish spots, it's fungi. So the 2 leaves dropped the first day. I treated with antifungi products.
Despite that, the root system is healthy so I hope it will be back on its "feet" again.
The plant came with two yellow leaves out of three. But had a healthy root system. And now, after a few days, it already is pushing out a new leaf.
It came in very good conditions with very good roots
Pretty goof
I love ordering from here but I have to say there is always at least one plant in my order that comes to me in rough condition. This came to me in great shape but with out any roots. It’s still alive after a month of growing, so hoping for the best.
Perfect plant.
The plant arrived in perfect condition. It's my first anthurium ever and it seems to be very easy to grow in Paris light (+humidifier).
5 stars
I changed the order to A. Esmeraldense as I found out the Rugulosum was very difficult to grow in Florida's heat.