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Anthurium rugulosum

The plant is grown at a temperature of 16-24 degrees Celsius.

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.5
Lovely plant
Healthy roots and lush leaves, after two weeks it’s producing a new leaf. Really pleased with it.
The plant arrived in perfect condition and already acclimated. No need to place it in a greencabinet !
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
Beautifull plant with 3 leaves! can't wait to see him grow up
I don't give 5 stars because it is a small plant.
I know the pictures from Ecuagenera al always a reference, but in this case, I did receive a small juvenile plant.
The good: the plan is super healthy with a nice root system.
The bad: The new growth dried out (I suppose from shipment) and one of the 3 leaves yellowed.
The ugly: the package in which it came was ultra wet and mushy (which can be risky).

All in all, I'm happy to add a new specimen to my collection.
Healthy looking plant for now...
Plants arrived surprisingly with no damages on leaves which is super rare for overseas shipping. Received a plant with leaf size measuring approximately 20cm. (though I wish it can be bigger)
Roots seems to be healthy with no rotting signs. I have to say this was a risky move, attempting to grow a A.Rugulosum in a tropical environment with sweltering heat up to 30 degrees Celsius despite reading numerous comments on the cool and moist habitat this plant requires.
Arrived in incredibly good condition
Plant arrived with zero rot, three good leaves and healthy roots. After unpacking the plants, didn't see any reason to disturb the roots out of the sphagnum they came wrapped in, so potted up with chunky bark and left alone for a week. Then repotted into aroid mix and already growing new roots. No leaves lost. excellent.
Healthy plant and perfect service - as usual :)
The plant arrived in very good condition, with healthy roots and three perfect leaves, a fourth one on the way.
Location - singapore

Received the plant on 24th February 2021, review date is 26 February 2021.

Plant arrived with 2 leaves and 1 new leaf. Roots were healthy but there were some shipping damage on the new leaf.

As of right now, plant is growing ok, without deterioration. No shipping stress or acclimatisation atress. However, this plant is not really meant to be grown in the tropics like singapore with temperature reaching 34deg c.

Plant is potted in terracota in shade clustered with other plants to reduce the temperature. Will update review if the rugulosum is not suited for Singapore climate.
Nice plant
Arrived well packed and healthy. Well rooted and leaves intact.
Great plant
This plant arrived in great shape. It developed a slightly burnt edge to the youngest leaf a few days later. But overall great shape and doing well!
Quite disappointed!
Mine arrived with dark brownish spots, it's fungi. So the 2 leaves dropped the first day. I treated with antifungi products.
Despite that, the root system is healthy so I hope it will be back on its "feet" again.
The plant came with two yellow leaves out of three. But had a healthy root system. And now, after a few days, it already is pushing out a new leaf.
It came in very good conditions with very good roots
Pretty goof
I love ordering from here but I have to say there is always at least one plant in my order that comes to me in rough condition. This came to me in great shape but with out any roots. It’s still alive after a month of growing, so hoping for the best.
Perfect plant.
The plant arrived in perfect condition. It's my first anthurium ever and it seems to be very easy to grow in Paris light (+humidifier).
5 stars
I changed the order to A. Esmeraldense as I found out the Rugulosum was very difficult to grow in Florida's heat.