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Philodendron roseocataphyllum

Philodendron roseocataphyllum

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Number of ratings: 16
Average rating: 3.5
Big Plant
Got a big specimen, almost perfect condition. Plant doing well so far, happy with this purchase.
Dont travel to Singapore well
All but 1 leaf left after 2-3 weeks. And its dying. Came huge but just didnt like travelling or Im just unlucky.
Arrived in perfect shape, growing nicely
Very strong plant, moved it from the greenhouse to my living room to enjoy it more. Not even a little leaf-tip browning due to dry air.
Wouldn't have imagined that it'd acclimate that well.
Lost almost all but one leaf
Received a large plant but during 2day UPS shipping, lost almost all but one leaf due to yellowing. Contacted customer service and was told that specimen still looks healthy and would only replace if it died.
Growing well
Arrived with a new lime green unfurled leaf.

Thankfully it acclimatised well in my greenhouse and hardened into a stunning huge leaf after a month.

It’s now happily housed along the Mamei and Plowmanii.

Thanks Israel for sending such healthy plants once again!
Large size with good root system
Specimen was very large and tall. The stem is huge. Most of the leaves came with some cosmetic damage, but that is to be expected for plants being shipped. Root system is extensive. I am impressed.
Very nice species
I got a very nice plant. Roots where perfect.
Leafes where quite big. The biggest over 20cm.
One new leaf was emerging and meanwhile after 3 weeks, the next leaf will slowly emerge. Seems to be an easy species.
I received the plant with excellent packaging but the plant did not do well with shipping. Most of the leaves are now dying. Good size plant and is hoping that it will recover
shipped badly
the leaves are all half yellow by the time he reached me. this plant doesnt ship well. roots are ok
Great Plant
I received my plant about a month ago. My plant is about 50cm tall (measured from the top of the soil to the highest point) with 5 leaves the largest leave is 27cm. Almost no shipping damage. I had no problems with acclimatization even tho I have it at 55% humidity. At the moment it is pushing out a new leave. Would highly recommend it!
Horrible shipper
It looked decent when it arrived. A bit of browning on some of the leaves, but that's to be expected.
Took a nose dives real quick though, all the roots have rotted away and the leaves are brown and crisp.
I have had it for 11 days at this point
Leaves Browning
Unfortunately all the leaves turned brown and eventually died, even after putting the plant into coco peat and perlite.
Also commonly known as Philo Montanum
Plant survived transit relatively well, with most of the damage being absorbed by one leaf. Larger and more numerous leaves than I expected. Moderate acclimatization period and leaves have lovely subtle velvet texture.
Sadly plant died
Plant looked healthy. After a few days, leaves were loopy and browning. The stem had grown out of another side stem and only held on with 2/3mm. All roots were on the old stem which weren’t in great condition neither. I’m hoping to revive the old stem as I see a node possibly. First time order, sadly not a great experience
Smaller than I expected but healthy plant
Very nice example of this philodendron
Plant arrived in great condition. Potted the plant in aroid mix and is doing great. Beautiful long leaves!