Philodendron squamipetiolatum

Philodendron squamipetiolatum

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Customer ratings for Philodendron squamipetiolatum

Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 3.3
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Poor Stock (4/6/2021)
The roots were bad and leaves all died next day and whole plant started to dry and die in 3 days. Very poor!!! Bought another plant that did better as that one only lost a few leaf and is doing well.
Ships poorly (4/2/2021)
The plant shipped very poorly, all the leaves has severe damage so it looks quite bad.
It also has some trouble acclimating
didnt ship well (4/2/2021)
a beautiful species that i was hoping would transit better than it did. the new growth all went soft and the leaves are very wilted and thin. hopeful i can rehab them and get some growth points and maybe cut some nodes up but i probably wouldn't put these through another long transit.
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