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Philodendron squamipetiolatum

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Number of ratings: 11
Average rating: 3.1
very good
Arrived in winter to EU in good condition.
It is very beautiful plant.
Plant arrived quite mangled but after a few weeks in the prop box with high humidity and a growlight on top it has perked right back up.
It's a bit more juvenile than I had hoped
Plant arrived with leaves drooping and dying.
Plant arrived with drooping leaves. This plant never recovered.
Pretty good
Unlike the other purchase, this one seems to have established itself. It lost a couple leaves after shipping but the remaining leaves perked up.
Lost this one
Arrived too wet, a very small and weak plant with tiny roots. I couldn't save this one as it died off in two weeks.
5/5. Arrived in good condition.
Size of a basic cutting, inadequate root system, bit of a pest infestation
Arrived as a small cutting-sized specimen with 2 out of 3 of its leaves yellow, a damaged cataphyll/growth point, and barely established roots with about 3/4th of them rotting away. This was even after Priority Express shipping to minimize trauma for the plant, the condition was dismal at best. This species does not travel well at all, and I expect the rehabilitation of it to be difficult and marginally successful, if it is even successful at all.
Small specimen and weak root system
The plant arrived with all leaves yellow and I have to cut back and eventually died with root rot which cant be saved. Its a shame that the plant didn't survive and i really look forward to own one.
Very nice size specimen of this fuzzy philodendron
Well packed large plant of this philodendron. Multiple leaves with a healthy root system. A+++++
Arrived damaged and very small.
Ordered 1 with usps express to Austin TX. Top half was bent and damaged. All leaves came damaged. All leaves have dried out died. Root were very small, but not rotted. Rehabbing in greenhouse. Ask for return policy before purchase.
Beautiful plant.
I received it in great condition , growing beautifully. Highly recommend.