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Philodendron pastazanum

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Philodendron pastazanum

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Number of ratings: 130
Average rating: 4.6
Picked up in person. Its giant and very affordable. Hasn't shown any stress at all. I really don't think I could ask for more. Its beautiful.
Healthy, shipped well
This pasta shipped to me during winter and did very well. No leaf loss, roots healthy. Happy with this plant.
Beautiful and healthy plant
Arrived in good condition with 3 medium sized leaves, this plant has already grown 4 new and huge leaves. Amazing and fast grower plant.
Rough shipping but plant seems robust
I placed my order and chose to pick up at one of their Pop-Up Event locations. There was some root rot but I let it soak in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution overnight and I'm seeing new root growth after a few weeks. In my experience, the root systems of Philodendrons tend to have a rougher time in shipping than Anthuriums, so I kind of expected this. It was packaged well and my plant had two medium sized leaves with a new one on the way. I have a feeling that this one will rebound nicely and I can't wait to watch her grow.
Beautiful plant but had a rough shipping
I received a beautiful specimen with 7 leaves, even more nods and a new growth on the way. Too bad for the 3 leaves that dropped brown a few minutes after unpacking. I expected it to be tougher than this, and a bit more resilient as well (2 weeks after the other leaves still haven't straightened up and yellow spots keep appearing). Packaging was great, I guess it just didn't like shipping at all. But I'm confident that in time it will get magnificent again.
Shipped well, nice size, new growth. Beautiful plant.
Really happy
Well rooted plant and a fast growing, got it in December and made 3 new leaves already , never shown signs of stress
Shipped pretty well!
Only one leaf had died in shipping when I received it but that was expected. The roots were fantastic and none were rotted. The plant came with three leaves and a fourth on the way. This plant is massive so be prepared for it when it comes in. The leaves are roughly 12 inches across and so beautiful. If you are considering buying this one, let me be the one to tell you to do it.
4 leaves, 2 died during shipping
Didn't ship well for me, Ordered it in February. It had some rot from shipping but praying for the best and fast growth. Still a good buy
Amazing plant again
This one is my favorite. It arrived healthy and much bigger than I expected. I had him for few months now and he is absolutely massive.
Great plant!
The plant shipped well, with only minor transit damage on all 3 leaves and the root system was very robust. The plant acclimated quickly and before too long it was pushing out new growth.Very happy with the plant.
Gorgeous Plant
This was such a satisfactory purchase. The plant is gorgeous with huge pillowy leaves. Came with two giant leaves and one growth point. I expected one leaf and to yellow and die or actually everything to take a dive as most imports do before acclimatizing but this plant has not missed a beat. It is as beautiful as the day it came. I cannot be happier, thank you Ecuagenera for your excellent plants and thank you as always Karla for your help.
Mint condition, was a drunken purchase but don't regret it all!!!
Have just had it a couple of days, was in condition, no pests
Magnifique plante
Très belle plante, qui a très bien voyagé et s a climate parfaitement.
Incroyable merci ecuagenera
Strong and beautiful
Arrived in great condition with no damage. Big leaves and roots optimally protected during shipment just continue to thrive upon arrival. Highly recommended.
Big plant, good condition
arrived in good condition, no yellowing or crispy leaves. However there are water marks (chalky patches) on the leaves which I couldnt remove even when wiping with water and kitchen towel
Impressive plant! Got this plant over a month ago.. Recovered and rerooted easily in water. At this moment, is planted in chunky medium and is unfurling a new growth.
Huge and beautiful
It was my first order and I'm really pleased with what I received 4 weeks ago! The leaves are huge and the roots are healthy. I only lost two leaves and the other 3 are still looking good and a new one is on the way.
10/10. So happy to see an almost perfect plant condition. Leaves are big and the roots are insane!!! Its almost like a mature plant.
Easy to care fast grower and loves a bit of sun (not too much yeah)
Doing pretty well
I still have it in water after a couple of weeks as the roots seemed a bit small to sustain the plant at first, but new ones are growing strong. No leaves lost during shipping. Overall seems pretty strong.
Picked up during a local show. No leaves lost and pushed out a new leaf. Roots were a bit rough but she's started to re-root since.
root issues but big plant
Plant is large, only lost 1 leaf in acclimation process. had to completely re-root her but new growth is coming now. leaves do have some damage from transport but otherwise fine
Perfect plant
I received this plant with two others in perfect condition. Two large leaves and a full and healthy root system. Very happy 100% would recommend :)
Did not travel well:(
OK this plant came to me in Georgia within 2 days of leaving Ecuagenera Florida so it wasn't in the mail for days on end from Florida to get to me so this plant my have a hard time coming from Equador to the USA. I was at home so it wasn't left out in the heat, I retreived my box as soon as UPS left my porch. That said, they did sent me a large specimen and that is all the good I can say about it so far, it is going to be a rehab project. I had 4 leaves but 2 are totally yellowed and the other 2 have high signs that they are going to do the same. I expect to loose all the leaves. The stump is huge and there is a new growth point already formed. I am going to get it in my grow tent as soon as possible; hopefully it is grow new leaves and make me a happy camper. I know a lot of people may be super angry if this happened to them but, I look at it like this; if I had purchased a plant this size at a USA nursery it would have been 4 times the price and I would still have acclimate it to my home. I ordered 10 plants I only had this one come in damaged so 9 of 10 ain't bad when you are importing plants.
Perfect plant in perfect condition
A really large and healthy plant arrived in perfect condition. Had it for a month now and it’s just growing and there is new leaf on its way. No yellow leaf or spots, it’s just happy.
Etat parfait très belle qualité
Content de la plante reçue , et elle fait déja une nouvelle feuille !!
C’est en toute confiance que je continuerai a faire des achats chez vous .
Merci .
Huge plant
Excited to finally have this beauty. Picked it up with a pre order to Vancouver. It lost one leaf sso far during acclimationclimation, totally expected but had new growth point and is doing well!
Large and Healthy
I received a plant with four leaves all the size of my head. Two have since died from shipping shock but that's not surprising considering summer heat. The root system is extensive and healthy. There was no rot. I'm very pleased.
Excellent but didn't ship well
The plant that was shipped to me was absolutely beautiful with 4 huge leaves. Unfortunately, this plant did not ship or acclimate well. One leaf was yellow when I unpackaged it and two others completely yellowed within a couple days. I only have one leaf left. I've imported several plants before and this was by far the plant that seemed to suffer the most shipping stress. I also don't know if this is normal for these? I'm so bummed, but it has an excellent root system so I'm hopeful it will recover.
Very happy with the purchase.
Very healthy plant with great root system. Big leaves, no yellowing. Thank you Equagenera for lovely experience.
Not happy part two
I forgot to mention some root rot and there is only one leaf that didn't have scars and marks on it. Nothing like the picture.
Not happy
When I received this plant the top of the box was torn open where you could clearly see the plants inside. I understand this is probably not the sellers fault but the box was flimsy and felt like it had been reused. All three petioles were bent in more than one place.I don't understand how that could have happened. I quickly cleaned it, taped up each break, bend and splinted each one. So far one leaf is turning yellow, hopefully it's the only one that does. Not happy.
WOW! Plant showed up in great condition with great roots. Absolutely amazed by the size of this plant, super happy I ordered and it was at a price you just couldn't beat!
Came in perfect condition in europe. Beautiful plant. Super healthy. Thanks Ecuagenera and team.
Healthy Leaves with Healthy Roots
My Pastazanum arrived nearly 3 weeks ago and it's still doing very well. I initially lost 2 leaves, which were yellow upon arrival, but the 3 remaining leaves are thriving and there's a new one on the way. I have it sitting outside on a table under a shrub that protects it from the all-day sun, but provides just enough sunshine to give it the charge it needs to thrive.
The plants was good, one with big leavs, another two with small. Transport and acclimatization have suffered a bit, some of the leaves have turned yellow, the rest are healthy.
3.5 stars
I received this plant about two months ago. It had 3 leaves-one had completely yellowed, one was yellow on half the leaf (a perfect half moon of yellow), and one was green but the petiole was droopy. It also had almost no viable roots. I cut the leaf that was entirely yellow off, and the other yellow half leaf off. I wasn't sure it would make it. After a week I was down to one leaf and no roots. I had to leave it in water to root because of the lack of roots and leaves. Fortunately the one green leaf held on and once it rooted enough in water I transferred it to a soil mix. It still has its original leaf but I had to stake it up since it never fully recovered. It has put out two new smaller leaves since it has been potted up. The size of the plant I received is on the small side, with the original leaf being about 8 inches and the newer ones smaller than that because of the rehab/recovery phase.
The plant I received looks etiolated (very long petioles and small leaves). It did not ship well and had 2 yellow leaves. However, the plant is still very healthy and recovered quickly. It is already pushing out a new leaf.
Gorgeous plant!
This plant ships well and acclimates incredibly fast! Such a healthy specimen. For a more detailed review of the plants I purchased and the buying process, feel free to check out my blog post at https://www.botanicalchick.com/rare-plant-haul-ecuagenera-review/. For tips on acclimating your plants, check out https://www.botanicalchick.com/how-to-acclimate-rare-plants-after-shipping/.
Bounced back fast
It arrived with most of the leaves yellow and the roots completely gone. Even with the 2 day
Shipping. Wasn't feeling to good about it. But with in a month it re rooted completely and in the nnext month it put out 3 new leaves.
Huge plant! Excellent root system! Growing fast!
Ecuagenera really blew me away with this plant, it is absolutely huge!

It's been here for a month, and it has already out grown the pot I initially repotted it into after acclimation. This guy is a fast grower! Which is great, since the original leaves that it arrived with did not do well with the acclimation process. Most of the original leaves yellowed or crisped around the edges, but the plant has been quickly replacing the old leaves with new ones. Since being repotted it's put out two new leaves and is already working on a third! This is definitely the large philodendron for people who want a big plant but don't want to have to wait very long for it to get large.
Arrived with 5 big leaves all turning yellow. Dry but a really good root system.
So easy to care for
Arrived in perfect condition and acclimated quickly. This plant is so easy, I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it in their collection yet.
Arrived with three leaves. one was completely yellow but the other two survived well.
pretty damn good
shipped well to singapore
leaves weren't perfect, and were pretty scratched up but they were very healthy and were quick to produce new growth
root system was pretty good too
Arrived healthy
My pasta arrived healthy and did not lose a leaf/leaves from typical shipping stress. The only thing I have to say is that I was shipped with wonky spiral stems instead of straight ones that could itself upright. If I could have had a choice, I'd choose upright stems.
I got a nice plant with 4 leaves around 15cm large, Meanwhile after 4 weeks it made another bigger leaf and the roots in the pot are exploding, as I can see in the transparent pot.
Dead plant arrived, not ideal for shipping
of all the 9 damaged plants I recieve, this one came in the worst. I was not able to revive it and I worked for it for 2 months. Greenhouse cabinet, all the fungal spray and methods and lots of research. Still no hope.. :( How it came: 1 dead leaf, 2 yellowing leaves. cut it off 1 by 1 every week to function. But roots were heavily rotten because if packaging. Some here are really lucky to have a healthy plant. 2 stars because Ecuagenera was kind enough to refund me 50% of what I paid for this plant.
Medium sized plant but still beautiful
It came with 5 leaves where 2 leaves were yellowing which was expected because of shipping. Roots had some rotting but can still be rehabbed. Still a beautiful plant to get.
Very small Plant
The two plants look nothing like the plant on the website. They are very small. Some of the leaves got damaged during shipping. They both have a growing point and are healthy.
5 Sterne, sehr zufrieden
Immer wieder gerne, einer meiner lieblings Shop :)
2 big leaf, one in preparation, but no much root !
Great condition and happy
A happy customer received a happy plant.
The plant was well packed, no damage and I am also happy with the size. It has 4 leaves. The size of the leaves are up to 20cm length. The height of the plant without roots is about 40+cm.
Not to big not to small. Roots are all good no signs of rotting. Now it need just my love :-) Thank you Ecuagenera Team.
Got a healthy plant that acclimated well. Good purchase overall.
5 Sterne, sehr zufrieden
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Bestellung und habe darauf gleich noch eine dieser schönen Pflanze bestellt die hoffentlich bald kommt! Ich kann Ecuagenera wärmstens empfehlen :)
Plant arrived in good shape and well rooted
I give one star off, only because the packaging handler put a tape sticker on the biggest good leaf. The sticker fused so tight with the leaf that I can not remove it without damaging the leaf.:( That was the only bummer. Except that, the overall experience is good.
healthy plant
After i ordered other philodendrons which had huge leaves I was a little disappointed with my pastazanum It was not as big (biggest leave 18cm) but it is healthy and I can already see the leaves getting bigger. I think I was just to spoiled with the previous plants from Ecuagenera. Would recommend it.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Very nice
Cheap price.. plant arrived with some roots (I wasn't expecting any.. the moss was perfectly moist. Flawless delivery.. can't wait to grow this and get large leaves. I highly recommend.
HUGE plant!
This plant is absolute amazing! it came in good conditions!
great condition
beautiful plant arrived with 3 leaves and healthy root system
it has acclimated perfectly and is a very easy care plant (does not need very much watering or humidity to thrive)
used to come well-packaged
lately the shipments have mostly torn leaves. they used to come beautiful and intact with little yellowing. now all the leaves have tears or bent/broken petioles. just looking forward to he new leaves
Not a true pastazanum
I received all healthy specimens, however these are not true pastazanum. The sinuses on these are joined and do not have the characteristic crisp V. The texture of the leaves feel rubbery and not pillowy like the true P. pastazanum specimens I have collected previously. I'm not sure what it could be a hybrid of, but they are definitely not true Philodendron pastazanum. It is still significant of a terrestrial philodendron, grows a little faster than real pastazanum and still nice to have as a specimen.
Very nice plant
Can't wait for it to grow bigger. Traveled safely and adapted easily. Came with a new leaf unfurling. Thank you Ecuagenera for the amazing plant!
Just received the plant it shipped extremely well, the plant is more than 16 in tall with very large leaves and a newly-developed root system. It's in great condition and was expertly packed no. The shipping was a lot faster than I expected to be coming from Ecuador and I am extremely pleased
Shipped well
These shipped pretty well. I got them a couple weeks ago and one only dropped one leaf they other dropped the 2 oldest leaves. They are a really great size. Took away one star because they leave the moss too damp and the roots rot so I will have to completely root them from scratch.
some yellow leaves but good still
When I received this, there were 2 slightly smaller leaves that were completely yellow and I cut away. Of the remaining three leaves, two are pretty banged up with holes and scratches. I am aware this is the price to pay for shipping it in and the root system is very healthy so I hope it will adjust and grow more leaves soon:) Still would buy and still would recommend to others since it's at an excellent price point.
Beautiful and healthy plant
It was the first time I ordered from this site.
I had a good feedback from other people so I ordered two mamei and one pastazanum. The plants came in a very good condition,healthy roots, shiny leaves, packaging was good too and the prices were really competitive. Can't wait for the other plants in my wishlist to restock, so that I order again. Of course I've recommended the site to other plantfriends too
Beautiful plant, great customer service!
I ordered my plants in late December and received notification from Ecuagenera that shipment would not go out until February, which I was totally fine with. Once they were ready to ship, they asked if I wanted to upgrade shipping, since it was still very cold in my area, I’m in NYC. I paid the extra fee for overnight shipping, but thanks to the PO’s mishandling, I did not receive my package until over a week later. Of course, by that point the plants were totally dead, to my great disappointment, as the size of the plants was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I never imagined that I would get such large specimens, especially for the price, made all the sadder, as they did not survive the trip. I emailed customer service immediately, and they worked with me to send me replacements. It took about another month to receive my plants, which at that point, I was willing to wait even longer to avoid having the same disaster happen, but they sent the plants at their own expense, next day, and I received the most beautiful plants. I could not be happier with them and I will be forever grateful for the great care that Ecuagenera gave my plants, and me, throughout this whole process.
Very beautiful plant
I love ordering from this company. They are so very helpful and products are well packaged.
Beautiful healthy plant with good root system
Plant arrived safely in timely manner, with good packaging!
Communication with Ecuagenera has been as well perfect.
I definitely recommend the company and this beautiful plant
Huge healthy plant, already with a new growth point. A bit of shipping damage and one yellowed leaf but that's to be expected. Great healthy white root system. Acclimating in my greenhouse.
Nice plant
My plant arrived in need of help. Other than one leaf everything fell off. Roots were ok though, so the plant is reestablishing itself. It has grown a new leaf. Pastazanum are one of the easier plants to rehab so I am happy with my purchase.
I received this plant to my East Coast USA Home. The plant was shipped and arrived with no damage. Acclimating beautifully. Bigger than expected.
Beautiful plant
Arrived with 3 beautiful leaves, mostly healthy roots, minimal rot and an active growth point. It's been a few weeks and growth point is about to put out new leaf. Roots have recovered from import and very happy with my purchase.
Nice big plant but....
the leaves are already yellowing and getting ready to drop. New growth point is forming....
Beautiful leaves, few roots, slighlty small
This pastazanum arrived with few viable roots and was a little smaller than I expected, but tbh it arrived in January in Texas so it was pretty cold even for here. It survived the 40-50 degree temps in my apt during the Texas snowmageddon and just put out a new leaf (now there's three)! I feel a little jipped reading others reviews but I'm still happy with the plant--its leaves are stunning even if smallish (5-inch diameter)
Beautiful plant
Beyond satisfied with my order! My plant arrived in amazing condition. Only 1 yellow leaf out of 4 and already has new growth! Roots look SUPERB, no rot at all!!!! Will be ordering more!!
Healthy Plant
Came with about 5 medium sized leaves and one month later pushed out a huge leaf. Recommended!
Giant and healthy!!
Arrived in pretty good condition, 3 good, middle sized leaves, the new unfurling one has developed yellow spots and will not be beautiful but the plant looks generally OK. Roots OK, I need to wrap them in moss.
Very good!
The plants was a nice size and it was really healthy. It was also well wrapped.
I am in love with my pastazanum!
Plant arrived in perfect condition and super healthy root. It was bigger than I expected and I am pretty happy with this purchase. I've had it for a little more than a week and it just started growing so it acclimated super fast. A really good experience and I will for sure buy again with Ecuagenera!
I received a big, full plant with 6 leaves. It came in beautiful condition, with healthy roots. It is a gorgeous plant.
Beautiful, healthy plant
Plant arrived in very good condition. The roots as well as the leaves very healthy and good looking. The plants looks very similar to the picture.
Star of the show
Out of 7 other kinds of plants in my order the pasta came in healthiest and was the largest plant received. Almost 2 feet tall and 4 perfect leaves that just straightened out immediately in my greenhouse. Roots were white and thick in the sphag. Great first order experience.
Wonderful plant a pity if with more careful packing
Received this plant with yellowed 3 leaves out of 5.Root system is not as good too.
Arrived with one huge leaf and 4 smaller ones. Root system looked fine and had zero rot. Was shipped during freezing temperatures overnight in Europe, but that appeared to be no issue.
Healthy plant but dead roots
The specimen I got was HUGE and had 3 healthy leaves. Unfortunately it experienced root rot so it needed to recover in water, but it's already growing new roots and perked right up.
2/3 came in great
These guys are so plushy and fun! I love them even more now I’m that I’ve seen them in person. I ordered three and two arrived well. Every one has zero roots due to rot, but two are salvageable and the foliage is still good. The third one is complete mush, and am going to see what they offer.
Beautiful plants! Amazing experience!
I didnt have as good luck with this one, ordered two and both are not doing well.. I moved them in pon, lets see...
I love shopping on Ecuagenera, I have ordered more than 7 times already and never been disappointed!
Ginormous Leaves with healthy roots
My Pastazanum arrived in the mail yesterday with 3 exceptionally large leaves and a 4th leaf which is so yellow it looks like it might not make it. But, because the other 3 leaves are green and healthy-looking, I'm still satisfied. Also, the roots look full and healthy, I checked them out very thoroughly. All in all this plant is BEAUTIFUL and I'm very pleased with the purchase!

In February, when it was very cold in Europe, it was delivered along with other plants by express UPS mail. Arrived in excellent condition and has already developed a new large leaf. Very happy. Really beautiful plant
Lovely guys with long leaves
Out of all the plants ordered recently these guys seem not to be minding the change of environment. Some yellow spots are to be expected but at this size I would definitely recommend getting them. Easy to grow, roots growing 5cm in two weeks are a stunner. Opt for faster delivery if weather conditions in your location are not good. Worth it. Approximate size 50/60cm heigh and blade length around 25cm each.
Excellent Root system Small size Plant
Happy with my purchase and packaging and delivery time was excellent. Will buy from them again. :)
Beautiful but came with root rot
Absolutely gorgeous plant. But all roots were rotted. For the price I cant really complain but will need to rehab for a whole
this is a beautiful Plant. I will but again.
very nice
I love this plant baby! it came in a nice size and is doing well.
Amazing Healthy Plant
Very fast shipping and excellent communication with customer service. Recommend!
Worth the Wait!
My Philodendron pastazanum was worth the wait. It has established roots, three beautiful leaves, and was packaged with care. All of the plants I purchased came in this fashion. There was no sign of cold damage. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Beautiful heathy plant.
Plant arrived in good condition (despite European winter weather): no leave damage, the biggest leave is 21-17 cm, one leave will unfurling soon and it seems it will be big one too, roots are healthy & substantial. Can't wait for very first leave growth under my care. Can't wait for leaves to get even bigger and stunningly curly like.
The plant arrived healthy with four beautiful leaves (16-18cm), and another is unfurling soon. Good roots. I am pleased with my purchase. 100% highly recommended.
Sturdy and Handsome Pastazanum
Simply the best looking plant I’ve purchased throughout COVID. My Pasta came with 3 huge leaves (though 1 was damaged) and a bonus baby shoot. The stem and roots are stable and thick. Kudos to Ecuagenera’s Sales Consultant Mr C.O. who’s been very patient with my 1st order. I’ve placed a 2nd order and can’t wait to check out my next shipment in 2 weeks time!
very good
Very happy with this flower and with this online store.
Perfectly packaged .It even comes to Europe.
Arrived sad
Arrived sad with rotted roots. Leaves all dead now, so growing it from a node
Perfect plant
Big and beautiful. This plant arrived with no demage at all, beautiful leaves and healthy roots. Bigger than expected.
Arrived immaculate condition
This plant shipped really well and arrived in immaculate condition despite travelled during the cold winter month. It came with a new leaf and no damage at all! Ecuagenera plants are excellent as always! Thank you very much!
Rough shape
My paatazanum came in rough shape but ecuagenera fixed the issue.
Nice size, healthy plant.
overall good purchase
Pastazanum arrived in good condition with 3 leaves, one being a new light green leaf, no damage on foliage during shipping. Root system is well developed and is in good condition. The size of the plant is a lot smaller than expected.
Acclimatised decently
A bit smaller than expected (leaf size about 12cm) but came with a good stem and decent root system. Acclimatised quite quickly and the new leaf (which was already out when arrived) unfurled within a week or two.
good arrvied , good root, nice plant but small
1 came in good condition
I bought 2 of these. One came in good condition and only the newest leaf was damaged. The second one came with all yellow leaves except one and had all its roots completely rotten. I only received partial refund for 1 plant which sucks tbh because I didn't pay to rehab a dying plant with no roots
Huge plant!
I got a huge plant with thick trunk and good roots so I just really recommend this plant. It did not Lost any leaves when it arrived to me and it is such a eazy plant.
Would recommend to buy it
Arrived in very good shape. A strong and healthy plant. Would recommend to buy it.
Good plant
I picked it up from a show last year. It traveled well and is one of the easier plants to care for.
Healthy plant
It arrived healthy and with 2 big leafs and also sprouting a new one while in transit. Well rooted and well packed and secured.
I am extremely happy with it.
Amazing plant
The plant came with Three leaves. quite healthy and is already pushing out a new leaf after less than a week.
Healthy plant
Medium sized younger plant. Very healthy with great roots. Two leaves and one on the way. Can’t wait to watch her grow big and beautiful.
Good size, healthy, happy roots
the plant that came had two leaves each the size of my hand and a new leaf on the way. Was very healthy and the roots looked great. I still have it in moss while it adapts to my environment but after a few weeks it's still looking good and the new leaf opened!
Very good but size may vary
Two pastazanums arrived in great condition but very different sized plants, i had a very big one and a medium/small one
Packaging is really good
Really good root system
The plant arrived in perfect condition with one leaf and one on its way. Very healthy roots. great customer service and would definitely order from Ecuagenera again!
Arrived with one large leaf and one on the way. Roots were healthy. Packed perfectly for the trip. Very happy with the plant I received. Thank you
Excellent product and great customer service.
The pastazanum I received from Ecuagenera was absolutely huge! I already had two with much smaller leaves, so this is a show stealer!. It arrived with two perfect big leaves and one came out within 3 weeks. The roots were great, so that explains everything.
The item arrived well packaged, with 2 healthy leaves and 1 on it's way.
Very healthy roots.
Also very good customer service from the Ecuagenera team
Will order from them again!
Love it
This beautiful specimen came in with 3 big healthy leaves and one on its way. Very healthy roots much more then I expected. potted in a 10inch pot so you can imagine the size of it. Will definitely order again!!!