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Philodendron alatiundulatum

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Number of ratings: 7
Average rating: 4.3
Very nice plant. A little shocked from trip..........
Philodendron is doing well. A little shocked from trip. Lost one leaf. Potted into aroid soil mix and is doing great.
Beautiful, healthy starter plant.
Love the undulated petioles on this philodendron. After the plant acclimates, we'll see how it progresses
Healthy nice specimen and doing great
This is one of my favorite companies to import from. I've had excellent luck with all but one small delicate specimen and I take responsibility for that one. This one needed to be rooted, but none of the leaves fell off and it's been slowly growing from both ends.
Really nice plant
Very nice...
Arrived sooner than expected and in very good condition. Already has a new leaf coming in.
They were ok
The leaves came damaged from being shipped but they’re fighting to survive. I’m very hopeful that they’ll be ok.
Sadly some of the leaves were damaged, but it has been pushing out plenty of new leaves so for. The root system was really good too.