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Philodendron fibrosum type

Philodendron fibrosum type

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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 4.4
Very well packed and shipped
The plant came with almost no damage, good roots with few large leaves, and small leaves. Very happy with the purchase.
great plant
If you like Fibrosum's this is the plant for you, the fuzzy stems are not nearly as pronounced on this plant but still, the same large heart shape matte leaves on typical Philodendron Fibrosums. I always order this one and multiples of it. Easy grower, easy shipper. Depending on the shape of this plant I put it in water or moss.
Poor root system
All roots were rotten.
I thought I purchased it for cutting.
Plant is healthy. The leaves all dropped after shipping but it has a good root system and should bounce back quickly.
Exactly as described
Medium sized juvenile plant about 14". Shipped in Feb to CA with no issues. Very nice velvety leaves. Requires some time to acclimate, but with 75-80% humidity it will produce new leaves almost immediately.
Beautiful leaves
Very beautiful plant with lots of leaves, good size (a bit leggy) but good root-system, acclimatizing very well. I love it
Beautiful and healthy plant
Plant arrived in perfect condition with 4 leaves and a 5th on the way. Have grown for several weeks and have 6 leaves and a 7th coming. Love the satin leaves and long petiole scales.
Came in with three leaves of which lost one due to shipping damage. Yet strong and healthy, already growing a new leaf.
nice plant but I got it a little bit small one ,good root
Underrated plant
This plant is absolutely beautiful! Arrive in fantastic condition and pushed a new leaf out within days of receiving - second one coming now! It has a velvet leaf texture which I’m not sure is apparent from the stock photos but if you’re into velvet leaves and hairy petioles then consider this plant!