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Number of ratings: 35
Average rating: 3.8
Arrived like photo
Shipped to Canada (Ontario) in July, with 2 large leaves (a foot long). It was kind of torn up/ folded up with a bit of rot spots on the leaves and root. But being such a large plant, i thought it would be okay. I was never able to acclimate it & is now a stump with no roots. I recommend this for experienced growers who are confident in acclimating plants.
Small plant
Received one with 2 dark leaves, both leaves are slightly smaller than 20cm. Was expecting a slightly larger plant. 1 leaf was damaged during shipping. Roots are healthy.
Good condition
I ordered 5 warocqs. All arrived in pretty good condition. Since they always have some shipping stress a few lost 1 or 2 leaves but thats no problem, they will grow new ones. Packaging was good. Glad to see they dont pack them in plastics anymore.
4 out of 5 plants were decent sized for the price, one was a bit small but still okay for what i payed. Overall i would recommend buying from Ecuagenera, would definitely buy again myself.
Arrival in ok condition
Arrival in very poor condition.
received two large sized warocqueanums and they both arrived with the roots completely rotted. I figured it was no big deal and chopped the stems and tried to root, but the stems keep gradually rotting and the leaf on one is almost fully dead now. Not worth getting anthuriums with no roots regardless of how big the leaves are, maybe ecuagenera should rework their packaging.

for reference, my orders arrive within 1-2 days once they get to the US because I’m in Florida. not sure how long ecua keeps them packaged up before that
My anthurium arrived with rotted roots and a severely mangled leaf, the rest of the stem rotted away over the course of a couple weeks.
Wonderful plant
Arrived with only minor damage to its newest leaf. (That was to be expected, it was a fresh,new leaf.)
Other leaf is huge and healthy.
A lot of roots to the plant.
IM SO HAPPY with it.
Overall good plant
Our warocqueanum came in with one semi good leaf but one has died from shipping but overall a great purchase. I’ve wanted this plant for a while so when I saw it available I had to get it. We love ecuageneras plants and will remain a loyal buyers!!!!!
Great plant
Im my case, the plant was a good purchase. It lost all leaves upon arrival but bounced back quite well.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
I've ordered over 20+ aroids and honestly it is hit or miss. I would say 1/4 arrives in acceptable condition meaning the stem is easily salvageable. Maybe it's packaging or the time traveling, but I always lose most of the leaves. Plants arrive in sphagnum moss wrapped in plastic. If you order from the USA, be aware you will probably not get what you see. That's why the prices reflect it. These are prices for rehabs. I have unpacking videos on youtube @ Austin Green Earth.
Excellent Specimen
Totally out of my expectation on the plant size received. Big leaf, big stump and healthy roots. Definitely will buy again from Ecuagenera. Trusted seller and quality plant compare to its competitor.
Keep up the good work.
not happy
I ordered three queens in the past month and only one out of three was healthy and the rest were rotted.
Rotten, squished roots
I ordered 2, and upon them arriving in their location in FL they asked if I wanted to pay for Priority Express Shipping to avoid delays. I ended up spending more and I'm wondering if during the time I awaited their invoice and payed the plants were ever unpacked from South America. I received them a few days later, one with entirely rotten roots, another with 75% rotten roots, and the others that weren't black were completely crushed to mush. One had a totally rotten moldy leaf and one crispy but otherwise green one. The other had a crispy/partly alive leaf, and a half rotten one. They have impressively large stems and leaves, I just hope I can bring these back from the brink. I understand these plants' leaves don't often ship well, but I was disappointed with the condition, especially after paying ~$20 more for faster shipping. I wouldn't take the risk again even if the price seems good.
I received a rotten plant i tried to save it but i couldn't not am just disappointed... it did look like at one point it was a beautiful plant ...
not sure
I'm quite disappointed as I received much much smaller plant than expected. I did not expect to get huge queen as on picture but still had expectations to receive something that is like medium sized plant, got really small one..Instead of that my plant had one tiny leaf and the rest of growth was smashed due to shipping. I wish plants would be handled with better care and your pictures would be less misleading :(
Healthy root system
Received plant with 2 leaves. The leaves are not in the best shape but the root system is impressive. They've packaged it nicely though. I will order from them again.
Mixed feelings
For the price you get an amazing sized queen, something you just can’t find anywhere else. The problem I had came to shipping. My package was lost twice. Once with ecuagenera, they said it was being shipped out twice and did not ship for another 4 days, and the second time in the post. Obviously the post office is it’s own thing. When I got it the stump was rotted half way up and all of the roots were rotted besides the aerial roots on top. I have cut back the rot multiple times and lost two leaves already. I don’t see the rot stopping at this point. If you get your plant in a timely manor I don’t see why you would have any issues as my other queen from another seller is thriving in my care. I’m trying to chalk it up to a mistake, but I am disappointed
Received in a well condition and via UPS so it's even more appreciable. It arrived with two leaves nearly cm long each. Root was healthy. Definitely, i would buy from them again.
Beautiful plants
I order two warocqueanum from ecuagenera and they arrived in perfect shape with a decent root system
impressive plant
Today I received my second queen from Ecuagenera.
the first one was small but had many leaves and the second one has a huge (40cm) leaf and a very healthy root system. Oh, and it has another growth point.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package.
No words
This website is a huge scam. I ordered an A.warocqueanum in APRIL (yes we are in june) and still no news. I wrote like 8 or 9 emails eversince to know where my plant is (yes bc they also took the money from my bank account for the plant AND the shipping fees), and all i got in return was a random email saying that UPS may probably contact me so i can pay another shipping fee (wtf). Not sure i'll get my plant nor my money back. So everyone reading this please run away from here, go shop your plants anywhere else, and don't waste 100 euros like i just did.
Great plant at great value!
Plant had 3 good size leaves and 2 small leaves. It appears to be a dark form as the leaves are a dark green. I've seen comparable warocqueanum sell for over $150 so definitely a great price!
Good price, but struggling to acclimate
I wrote a review about a month ago, and wanted to update. The plant is struggling to acclimate despite being next to a humidifier and having the appropriate temperature and airflow. It has one leaf left of the three it arrived with, and it is crispy at the edges at the bottom. I have yet to see new growth, but I have high hopes that it will recover soon enough.
Amazing plant
The plant arrived in a very good condition, healthy roots, four leaves and when I think about the long distance between Ecuador and Germany, this is really fantastic. Thank you Ecuagenera and Roellke Orchideen in Germany. I am happy :)
Arrived with two healthy leaves
I'm very pleased with the state of my new plant. It arrived with two healthy leaves, some leaf damage, but that is not unexpected. Root system is very healthy and I am excited to watch it grow and acclimate in my home.
Over all happy
Overall this plant arrived in good condition. Two of the four leaves were yellow but that is to be expected. Why 4 stars and not 5? Because about 25% of the roots were not viable. The plant is doing well two weeks in. Overall a good buy.
Amazing quality and price
I live in the Netherlands and the plant arrived yesterday in great condition. No yellowing or root rot. It arrived the day after it was shipped from Germany.
A great price for a queen Anthurium
The plant came in great condition, with just a few damaged roots and a tiny bit of yellowing on the leaf edges. Three leaves, one over a foot long. It looks like the dark narrow form but that subject is debated. I wish I bought two!
Beautiful Queen
My Waroc arrived in a perfect condition, with one large leaf and one smaller. The roots are just perfect, so there was no problem acclimating this plant. Thank you Ecuagenera!
Still in recovery mode (only one week in)
I expected this to arrive a little rough; it came with two leaves on arrival, but one went bad quickly, and the other isn't great -- they were actually too big for the plastic cover they were in, and the bottoms of the leaves rotted from long contact with condensed moisture.

Roots were pretty well developed and healthy; just one or two mushy ones.

Considering the distance and change in seasons, not too surprised. Expecting it will bounce back with a little TLC. Will update if possible.
Fantastic, beautiful, quick
I ordered 2 warocqueanums and they came perfect with no damage whatsoever. Beautiful plants!! I know waros don't ship well, but these look like they weren't even shipped. I am pretty blown away to be honest. Definitely ordering more plants with ecuagenera.
I gave it 3 stars because it came in with one damage leaf and one small root. But I can’t complain it was priced fair. As I seen this go for a lot more and in the same damage condition
Arrived perfectly, very large size.
En perfectas condiciones,planta sana.
La planta llegó en bastantes buenas condiciones teniendo en cuenta el largo viaje que realizó
De entrada, perdió las hojas pero ya ha echado la primera hoja y su evolución parece ir sobre ruedas. Desde luego, la planta nunca cambió su aspecto y siempre pareció sana. Simpelmente ha pasado por un proceso de aclimatación después de su largo viaje.