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Philodendron Felix

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 3.6
The plant I received is not healthy
The stems are brown & drying out when I received the plant, 3 leaves fell off & left with 3 leaves. After 1 month all the leaves fell off and stem dried out. Unsure if I can revive the plant... sad...
Beautiful, but delicate
I receive plant with 5 nice leaves, but in less than 1 week entire plant (with stem) died.
A unique plant! 09/22/2022
I just got my wish list philodendron Felix today in top notch condition! Before buying it I ve read all reviews about how difficult was for some people to acclimate it. As far as I can see it's a healthy plant with leaves and roots in great condition. I potted it in a new pot not disturbing at all it's rootball. It came with 6 big leaves and one more on its way. I think that in my country early autumn and late spring are the best seasons for ordering aroids from Ecuagenera. I live in Northern Greece. I am totally delighted with the guys in this company, as I am a devoted customer of theirs 3 years now.
Finally gotten my hand on this plant. I am extremely delighted as the real plant is better looking than those on the internet. No damaged leafs and the root systems is healthy. Thank you Ecuagenera.
Finally! Excellent, buy in summer!
You know they say 3rd time's a charm, and so was my love affair with Mr. Felix. First and second one came in winter, respectively early spring and died under my eyes within days of arrival due to frost. Decided to get another one smack in the middle of summer, came out healthy, sexy and strong. Would strongly recommend buying one, just make sure there's little chance it will get frosty on the road as it's a sensible boy. LOVE IT! Thanks, Ecuagenera!
Beautiful specimen - perfect leaves
I pre-ordered this plant and picked up at the plant expo on top of other 27 plants. This plant stood out among the rest. The leaves are so beautiful. It acclimated well (I used Sphagnum Moss + Perlites). It is one of my absolute favorite. I really recommend this plant.
Love it 10/10 acclimated within a week
It looks like from the additional reviews they don’t do well when shipping, however I got mine from the Ecuagenera Pop Up and it’s doing fabulous no browning, zero rot, I haven’t lost any leaves since the pop up in fact it grew a new leaf mind you it’s only been a little over a week since having it from the time I’m making this post, so it may be best to wait until Ecuagenera comes in your area to pick one up or preorder and see how that works out for you, other than that beautiful plant and acclimated really well
Gorgeous plant, but so fragile
This plant is such a freak: it arrives with leaves in good condition but the stem & roots are so sensitive it turns to mush within hours! Leaves are SO BEAUTIFUL, I love love this plant, however despite Ecuagenera's efforts to assist I could not get a plant to live through after delivery. Maybe it does that in winter? I don't know, what I know is you may not be lucky to keep this baby after it comes through the door.
Was crazy to buy a compost chonk for $900
Philos do not ship well from Ecua, certain ones especially. A large plant was sent with small root mass (1-2") and the subsequent leaf drop was inevitable. It then spent the next 6 months in a 80% 80F box and ultimately bit the dust. I've had several plants replaced in the past but a similar anxiety inducing 6 months then ensues (like squamicaule pink, corrugatum, forcatum). But those costs I could stomach, this one was just asinine and insane in retrospect.