Customer ratings for Philodendron rubrocinctum Platinum

Philodendron rubrocinctum Platinum

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Philodendron rubrocinctum Platinum 

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Number of ratings: 14
Average rating: 4.7
Beautiful healthy plant arrived in excellent condition
Within 2 weeks this plant is pushing out new growth, acclimatised really well, would definitely recommend
The plant surpassed my expectations with deep green foliage and a matte finish to its ribbon like leaves. I'm in awe.
Identical to stock image
Perfect and large with good but young roots. It looks just like the example shown on the page. I am happy.
Shipped well, decent roots
This arrived with more of an immature leaf that doesn't really resemble pic very much but seems overall healthy. Decent roots!
Great buy
Nice plant received with healthy leaves and roots. Recommend to get one if you love foliage like this :)
Great buy - easy to acclimate
The plant I received had 4/5 leaves and healthy rootball. One thing that many people don’t mention is the sheen on the leaves which is unreal in real life conditions. Satin/velvety leaves reflecting light in such manner it catches eye in just a glimpse. I can definitely recommend to get one if you don’t already have it.
Very Healthy Plant
Stunning plant
This ships and acclimate really well!
beautiful large plant
unfortunately leaves yellowed and lost in a few days after receiving a beautiful large plant...this was a few months ago and its still not shooting any growth
Lovely large healthy plant
It came in good shape, nice size, with few wet leaves though so these had to be trimmed down. Roots were nice. Plant acclimatised very well, gave me a new leaf soon after arrival. The plant is absolutely stunning.
This plant arrived well. The leaves were large and gorgeous. They are now sad and really droopy. I image I will lose them soon. But the room system was good and I dont think I will have a problem growing new leaves eventually.
Lovely large plant!
I received the plant in great condition, unfortunately soon after it dropped both leaves, I am still hoping it will perk up...
Plant arrived with minimal roots and giant leaves + new growth point. I have no doubt some months in sphagnum will do the trick. Not for inexperienced importers!