Customer ratings for Philodendron pinnatilobum aff

Philodendron pinnatilobum aff

Philodendron pinnatilobum aff

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.4
1/2 heartened
I am looking forward for this plant.. however when i received it, it comes with 2 yellowing leafs.. although the balance 3 more leafs are still green.. i not sure how will be the outcome as it does not have new shoots too.
A very good plant
I was surprised as I unpacked this philodendron. All leaves were beautiful without any damage and it had healthy roots. It travelled well the long way to my place. I just love it.
Small anemic plant
I have to say that overall I was disappointed with my order. I see youtubers unboxing huge plants with several leaves. All of my plants came very small with only 2 or 3 leaves. My understanding is that the shipment goes from Ecuador to Florida, where it is checked out and repackaged, then shipped to the customer. So if the plant looks sorry, they ship it to the customer nevertheless. What is the sense of that? You might as well just send it directly to the customer instead of delaying it further, especially if you do nothing to improve the plant.

This plant was small and pale green. I have been rehabbing but it still looks small and pale green. It just wanted a healthy plant to ship.. I would not order again for myself but my sister is requesting plants from them for her birthday.
Stunning & unique leaves
I recently picked up this plant at a Pop Up Event and I must say, the leaves are beautiful. There were some minimal damage on the bottom leaves but I am really happy with my purchase. The roots are healthy. It is currently acclimating in my greenhouse. Thank you Ecuagenera for a wonderful specimen!
beautiful plants unfortunately all the leaves were yellowish. it was the more stressed plant out of everything that i ordered
Very lanky plant but this ship well
other than a bit of yellowing on one leaf or two, here and there, the rest all good
Pretty Good Import!
This plant looked so droopy coming in and the roots were not that great HOWEVER it has made a full recovery and has acclimatized to my space beautifully and I am so glad to have it. Definitely a unique philodendron.
Well packaged. Plant is perfect. No damage on leaves. Very good root system.
Beautifull plant
Beautifull plant with 2 leaves ou good roots! One is damage but healthy plant
Came with extensive roots with four leaves and one on the way. Very healthy and took no time to acclimatise (in Singapore)
I love it!
This plant is so beautiful and I received a big size one.
I am so happy with that!
Great plant in good condition
Arrived healthy with three leaves, one already huge, and there are two new ones sprouting. Very well packaging, as usual.
Ordered two and received healthy and strong plants with good root systems. Some minor damage on leaves from a long journey.
A top purchase, I received a beautiful plant with a long stem, leaves of varying sizes and a nearly perfect root system. No rehab needed. The long leaves are so deep green, it's looking beautiful on a spanish moss pole.
Very nice long lobed philodendron
Not sure how large this philo will get under optimum conditions. It is doing well for me growing in aroid mix in a window with watering every three days or so.
Nice plant
I am overall very satisfied with the plant. It came ith 4 leaves opened (with some damage due to shipment) and 5th one in the process of opening. The plant acclimated super quickly and after few days the new leaf was opened with no damage and another one started to grow right after. Root system was also decent. Plant is relatively small, but the growth rate seems to be quite fast.
Lots of leaves and roots
I am really happy with this plant. Even though some leaves were damaged, most were good. The roots were also really good.