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Anthurium besseae aff

Anthurium besseae aff

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Number of ratings: 19
Average rating: 4.7
Shipped Well
This is definitely one of my favorite Anthurium varieties. The green with the red backsides & stems are absolutely gorgeous so when I took the plant out of the bag I was a bit dissatisfied that the only 2 big leaves were both damaged due to shipping. However its still a healthy specimen. Roots are beautifully white. I think Ecuagenera could do a little better job protecting the delicate leaves with Polyfil. I would definitely order another one though. You can check out my Ecuagenera specimens on my Instagram plant page @tiffmarieplants.
Beautiful plant
Plant itself is very beautiful and has a healthy rootsystem. The leafsize was a bit small for a "normal" sized besseae but after asking this mine was just a bit at te lower end of the range for this plant. Overall very happy ofcourse and i cant wait for it first new leaf!
Encore plus belle que je ne le pensais
Arrivée en en bon etat, quelque dommage sur les feuilles mais rien de grave, et elle s'acclimate très bien et très vite
Beautiful and healthy
Highly recommend this plant. Strong, healthy root system, 3 nice leaves and after a month I have new big and beautiful leaf. Heat pack is great idea on winter, thank you for your better pack system.
Smaller than expected
Did suffer from shipping and is acclimating died back to only a few leaves and happened to come smaller than the others I ordered. Still a great buy considering its rarity in the states.
Healthy root, but lost the bigger leaf due to cold damage despite heat pack
Healthy roots with sign of rot. The leaves arrived in good condition unfortunately the next morning I lost the newest bigger leaf due to cold damage. The package was 2 days with the post from Germany to Austria and had a heat pack. It was unfortunately not enough, so I removed 1star. Otherwise the plants are all fine. So I'm still very happy. Insta: @burgundy.z
Beautiful plant, strong healthy roots
I pre-ordered this plant and picked it up at a pop-up. The plant is well sized, has beautiful leaves and a strong healthy root system. It was also well packaged in a plastic sleeve with the roots in damp sphagnum moss wrapped in saran wrap. Very happy!
Beautiful plant
Received a healthy and beautiful plant - the customer service was super friendly and helpful!
Though this isn't a true Besseae, this "aff" form deserves its own identification. It is gorgeous. This plant arrived healthy with absolutely no leaf damage. The plant I was shipped had a substantial root system with no sign of any die off. I am very please with this stunning specimen. If you like dark, lush, velvety leaves then this one is not a plant you should miss out on.
Beautiful plant and ships well
I'm in the US and received this plant in early October 2021. It was in the mail for 2 days from Florida. I don't know how long it was in shipment from Ecuador. It arrived with 3 leaves and the longest leaf was 7 inches long. Even after I removed all the broken roots, the root system was pretty good for an import. Since then, it hasn't been a full month yet and it's already putting out a ton of new roots. This is all in ~50% humidity. I think this is the fastest plant to put out new roots of all 15 Ecuagenera imports I've had over time. This plant is beautiful and I can't wait to see a new leaf.
I received a beautiful plant, but I'm guessing the species is very variable because it doesn't really resemble the pictures too much.
Still gorgeous and in great shape
Loving it
Plant arrived fast to Lithuania without damages to leaves. Roots are very decent and health to support plant adaptation and thurther growth. It's been 3rd week of adaptation in my conditions (60-65% humidity, 12 h under full spectrum growth light) all good so far. Actually plant is pushing out "flower" already. Love this plant coz of luxury deep green leaves.
Very healthy plants
I bought it with El Choco during the sale and arrived in Italy safely for 3 days. The mine was a little smaller than expected with two leaves and healthy roots. But , as I commented elsewhere, this shouldn't be too discouraging if the plants you receive are large or small, more or less leafy, or yours aren't better than expected. Almost random luck.
Anyway my plants are small but healthy roots system and good condition.
Better than expected
It arrived with five leaves on a big old stem, one of the leaves being the size of my hand, about 6 inches long, 4 wide. It had a huge healthy root system and the leaves are just impossible to do anything but stare at!
10 stars!!!
This plant arrived perfectly and faster than I expected! Highly recommend. I placed it in my cabinet that has temps and humidity 70+ and it's doing amazing. It travelled very well and the leaves are nice and thick. It did not disappoint. I definitely want to buy a second one.

Very healthy plant
This has been on my wishlist for ages. Came in perfect condition, packaged really, really well and came with healthy roots. It's been in transport for a week to Switzerland and still looks brand new. Once again, super happy with Ecuagenera.
Very Exotic and Healthy Plant
Didn't expect it came without any leaf damage or root rots due to long shipping journey. Kudos to Ecuagenera's improved shipping packing care. I bought another same plant when available. I am obsessed with this exotic "stunning" beauty.
Stunning plant
This anthurium besseae aff came in wonderful condition with two leaves and plent of healthy roots. I would say it resembles the photo on the listing very closely in terms of size. Leaves are beautiful and dark, and the shape is so charming. Really happy with my purchase. Plant has been potted up and looking happy the past few weeks. For reference, I'm in California and opted for the upgraded shipping when asked.
Amazin plant!
I received a very beautiful and healthy plant. It had two medium size leafs in perfect condition and a great and healthy root system. After two weeks at home it started growing a new leaf.
Super happy with this plant.