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Philodendron deflexum

Philodendron deflexum

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 3.9
Nice and easy plant!
Shipped well and acclimated quickly.
Nice plant!
I ordered this plant in march to be shipped to Belgium. It arrived in april with 3 healthy leaves and a good root system. We are the end of july now, the plant didn’t loose and leaves , and has sprouted 2 new leaves with a third once copine in. I am vert pleased with my puchase.
This one was a disappointing exception amongst dozens (100s?) of plants I've received from Ecuagenera over the years. It arrived, packaged beautifully, with several other aroids. When it was unwrapped, there was nothing but mushy, rotten plant tissue and a fishy stench. All of the other aroids were perfect.
We tried to wash off the stench with clean water and put the moss ball in our mist/shade house, hoping that something might emerge from the moss. No luck. This one was a rare failure but we'll try again someday.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Would have been stunning...
I received a massive plant that would have been gorgeous, however, it arrived rotten through the stem and at the roots. The plastic packing without any padding is really causing so much damage. Packing needs attention.
This plant is struggling, it came in cold so there was an issue with frost and the plant was translucent by next morning. The root system is strong so I am hopeful it will pull through. It quickly lost all leaves, there is still one leave that has not unfurled, so fingers crossed. It will pull through...
Be prepared for a big plant!
The plant shipped well but it's so much bigger than I thought it would be. It stands out and is just stunning!
healthy, huge, and beautiful!
don't let the photos fool you, these plants are huge! the sturdy leaves are easily 12 inches long. they held up great during shipping and the petioles have a really nice pattern on them.
Beautiful plant!
The plant arrived in great condition with a new leaf on the way and established root system. Very happy!