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Anthurium crystallinum

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Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 4.8
I ordered a few of these beauties. They all arrived in perfect condition and were a little bigger than I expected them to be. Roots were healthy, packaging was great. I put them in sphagnum moss and most of them show signs of grow already (received them 3 weeks ago). Would definitely buy again!
After 3 weeks, one leaf wilted but it's already pushing out a new one. It has a really healthy root system and seems pretty resilient considering I almost forgot about it.
Excellent conditions
Arrived in great condition. Will definitely order again.
I purchased 4 Crystallinum and only one leaf had issues. That's pretty amazing for an import order. This wasn't my first order and will definitely not be my last.
Thick leaves, healthy roots, new growth
title says it all! leaves arrived intact and I put it in LECA. One leaf with the growth point was damaged but it’s pushing out new aerial roots and seems to be doing fantastic
Got this gorgeous plant with a healthy root system. Was informed when it would be shipped and asked if I wanted to update shipping, I stayed with regular mail and it arrived fine. Plant had 3 leaves, 1 yellowed so I cut it off. Now it's pushing out a new one. I've had it about 3 weeks now, new silver veining growing in too. I'd buy from these guys again
Good buy
One of the plants, that I picked up from a show. This is a good plant and did not have any trouble acclimating.
Plant came fairly fast and in great condition
5 stars. Very happy with my purchase. There was minor damage to 1 leaf but the rest of the plant was fantastic. Happy roots and plant!
Good roots
Plant has one damaged leaf and damaged growth point but already is bouncing back in a week and has really good roots
Arrived with a medium sized leaf and healthy roots. Seems to be acclimating well here in California.
A little sad
The plant came a little beaten up. It only had one leaf and that was slightly rotten. The roots were good though so the plant is pushing out more leaves.
Great starter plant
Received with two leaves but unfortunately lost the newest leaf due to heat and shipping. These plants are more fragile than most by nature. Great roots. After three weeks she is putting out a new leaf.
Great single leaf specimen.
The plant arrived with one healthy leaf and a healthy root system. can't wait to see it grow.
Gorgeous Plant, Robust Roots
Communication and shipping from Ecuagenera were perfect. I ordered two Anthurium crystallinum, both were packaged with care. They each had a robust and healthy root system, which was tucked in moist moss and wrapped in plastic. I will definitely be ordering other plants in the future! Beautiful!
Healthy roots & no foliage damage
Healthy white anthurium roots. Root bulb was packed with sphagnum moss and saran wrap. Foliage was wrapped with paper and then a plastic covering. 6 inch leaf.
Doing alright
The plant arrived with some root damage and some leaf yellowing one two of the three leaves, and has had more trouble acclimating than my other plants from Ecuagenera. It has yet to put out new growth after a few weeks, but is holding onto its one leaf just fine. It is gorgeous, and a good price, and the stem is thick and healthy so it should recover soon enough.
Strong and healthy plant
Packaging was amazing. Very strong and healthy root system. I am very pleased.
Healthy plant, healthy roots
The plant came in good shape, with minimal root damage and an established root system, and three leaves. The largest leaf is about 4 inches across, and the growth point was undamaged. There was some minor yellowing of the edges of the two older leaves, and some damage to the leaves from shipping.
I am so impressed with this plant. I was sent a 2 leaf plant with perhaps one of the BIGGEST root system I have ever got from a mail order plant. Leves were in great shape. Price can't be beat either.
My unboxing of the plant can be found here: https://youtu.be/ksqw8x4Siv8
Great plant, leaves damaged in shipping
This beauty arrives with a massive, healthy root system. However all my plants in the order ended up with very damaged leaves. Some have none now. They really need to package better. Great roots though
I bought this crystallinum and another plant. They both arrived in AWESOME condition. The crystallinum did not lose one leave and it's gorgeous. Highly recommend this seller. Thank you!
Two healthy nice size leaves, plant arrived in great condition. Nice job from Ecuagenera staff as always! Very satisfied, highly recommended!
Very good.
I had the plant brought to a US show. It arrived in excellent condition with 2 beautiful leaves, and it put on a new leaf within 2 weeks.
Planta bien enraizada, sana, y con unas magníficas hojas. Excelente.