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Anthurium forgetii

Anthurium forgetii 

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Number of ratings: 31
Average rating: 4.3
came in great condition
This plant came in good condition (Ecuador-England). Two decent-sized leaves. Unfortunately quite quickly the leaves started to decline and brown at the edges. Luckily I expected this and it is now making a recovery. This plant had healthy roots for it to bounce back on and so far is looking great. It has taught me a lot!
Huge, healthy plant!
Very happy with purchase. Plant shipped to Eastern Canada in perfect condition. Much bigger than expected for the price. I got it April 20, and it's given me 2 leaves and a flower! Super happy plant
Very pleased with the plant
The plant I received was in a perfect condition except the newest leaf was torn as it has yet to harden but it wasn't an issue for me as it also has subtle venetion with dark foliage almost like the photo. It has 5 leaves with super established ball of roots.
Hit or miss, worth the try
The third photo is by far the most representative of what you get. Plant was bigger than I thought it would be, but I only got two leaves :/ the leaves themselves were big though, and they're THICC
Had one damaged leaf
I got the plant on March 9th and today is April 1st.
It got a heatpack but it was far away from the roots so the roots went pretty cold and great packaging.
When it got sent later than expected, the service was fast and told me when it should be shipped.
The roots still lock great. It came with two 18cm leaves.
She got her first leaf now, that starts to grow atm.
One leaf had a yellow spot that is now growing bigger day by day. but the rest looks ok.

Would order again.
arrived in great condition and is doing well
i received a very nice size specimen, some yellowing on the leaves but no rotting at all and there is even a new leaf forming now. very pleased with how this plant is doing for me.
Looks just like Forgetii White Stripes
Unfortunately, I purchased this plant before reading the reviews. This Forgetii had prominent white stripes, just as some reviewers had commented. This should not be the case as there is another specie -Forgetii white stripes, and this is not supposed to be it. In terms of roots, they are well-established. If that's any consolation.
Heavy white venation, small, looks like 'white stripes'
I bought two of these expecting them to have subtler venation and they came in looking exactly like the 'white stripes' and not like the photos. I contacted ecuagenera and they just said "that's what they look like" more or less, even though they don't match the photos here.

The plants were small but had good roots, so if you don't mind about paying a little less than the 'white stripes' for basically a slightly smaller white stripes, then this could be just what you're looking for.
The photo on this web sight does not do this plant justice.
I received this plant almost two weeks ago just as the weather got very cold, so I was apprehensive when the box arrived. However the plant was in great shape, no transit damage and lots of healthy roots. Now there is a new leaf forming and this plant is aclimating well in it's new home.

I always unbox my plants soon after arrival (see my YouTube below for unboxing videos). I placed it in my cabinet that has temps of 70°F+ and humidity 70%+ and it's doing amazing. It travelled very well. Great root system, bigger than expected, and very healthy. Leaves are so beautiful, dark, and velvety.
Great shipper, roots quickly
Super easy to acclimate! Would definitely recommend this!
The plant I received was exactly like in the picture, dark velvet foliage with subtle venation. It was a good size and arrived in good health too! Even though some of the leaves were damaged, the roots were healthy and abundant. Very happy with this purchase.
One day delivery from EU storage to my address made that plant was in perfect condition and did not even loose the growing leaf (something that always happend before the started offering this delivery option). On the other hand it definitely has thin white stripes. Not as pronounced as in White Stripes Forgetti, but they are clearly there.
Beautiful healthy plant!
I received a healthy beautiful plant! Thank you!
The only thing is it doesnt look very different than my white stripes...but still love it!
White veins?!
Be careful! The plants you get will not look as the ones on the picture. They will have thick white veins.
Beautiful plant!
I received a very beautiful and healthy plant. It had medium size leafs in perfect condition and a great and healthy root system. The leafs are super dark and velvety. I think I like it even more than my forgetii white stripes.
Super happy with this plant.
I purchased 2 of these plants. One arrived dead but was refunded. The other one is gorgeous. Its healthy with good roots. Overall happy.
A plant I'd grab in a fire
Definitely the better of the two forms of forgetii offered by Ecuagenera. Puts out the most beautiful dark (almost black) velvet leaves. The veination is subtle, yet elegant. Happy to see that the price is still affordable.
Beautiful !!
it arrived in extremely good condition, no demage, beautifull velvety leafs.
ordered two, one has more pronounced white veins, the other is muted.

i like them both! roots are good.

on one plant, 3 of the leaves were cut back.

the stem on one looks really healthy + thick but on the other one, it's really small and thin.
Arrived in super good condition with amazing roots. Little small but it is already making me a new leaf after couple of weeks so that is not a problem. Recommend!
I got two of these and I do recommend getting more than one! Each of the ones I got is a little different. Only one had a few damaged leaves but they’re sturdy and the roots were in amazing shape. I have them in LECA and both have already started putting out a new leaf :)
Fantastic Anthurium!
Beautiful plant. Arrived in excellent condition with three big leaves, and a beautiful root system. One is damaged and I'll probably lose it, but that's to be expected with international shipping. Extremely happy with this plant!
Amazing big plant
Arrived in perfect condition. A lot of healthy roots and leafs. NO damage during shipment. Biggest leaf is huge. Definitely more than i imagined it to be. I am extremely happy and satisfied!!! Will definitely get some more plants again from Ecuagenera. :)
This plant came to me as a tiny baby plant. Not surprisingly, I had to do quite some work to rehabilitate it. But the plant made it, it had a few good roots despie the tiny size.
Great buy!!!
Amazing buy, the plant came in amazing shape. No complaints and we will MOST DEFINITELY be doing business again. Love you guys!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!! If I could give this plant a ten I would.
This poor plant was in the mail for over two weeks, as I unfortunately went away for a week the day before the package arrived. But despite that this plant was looking great. All the leaves intact. Some fungus had started to grow, but after 17 days in a humid box, that is to be expected. The root system was looking amazing. Overall very happy!
Sad plant
The plant was sadly crushed at the bottom of the package and came looking really sad with rotten roots and very damaged leaves. I was not able to save it. But Ecuagenera were kind enough to offer me a replacement so I will update once the new plant arrives.
Two great specimens
I ordered two plants. Both had 2-3 good leaves and came in with some leaf damage, but the roots were very healthy and in great condition. It's been 3 weeks since they arrived and so far, they're already putting out a new leaf each along with new roots. Would buy again!
Nice specimen
Over all very happy. Plant arrived with some damage but roots look very healthy. This plant is very fragile and leaves can receive damage during shipping. Keep that in mind when ordering. You may lose a few leaves do to shipping.
Healthy Plant!
This plant arrived well! Unfortunately, 2 of 4 plants I purchased arrived nearly dead and I am currently trying to propagate them from nodes. I have reached out about this twice and have not heard back, which is why I am rating 3 stars.