Epidendrum Rene Marques

Epidendrum Rene Marques

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Excellent condition, worth the cost (02/10/2022)
Received a plant with 4 canes, ranging from 3 to 27cm. Roots are very healthy & green, so rot or dessication. Also came with 3 buds on the tallest cane, which to my pleasant surprise, did not blast despite being shipped across the world. My only 'complain' is that it's too root bound, so I'll have an extremely hard time repotting once the blooms fade, but that's only a testament to the plant's health.

poor (26/09/2022)
Received multiple canes. No viable roots. A couple of canes detached themselves from the rest. Not sure it will make it.
2 points (01/07/2018)
Epidendrum Rene Marques has been a disappointment. The condition of the plant when I got home from the redland show (45 minute drive) was not what I expected from Ecugenera since I have purchased several other items from them at shows which have wonderful. This plant was dehydrated and most leaves had holes and tears in it. One of the cane was yellow and roots were very dry and try as I might to get them to hydrate the plant it still hasn't worked. Still trying but I don't see it improving. Although it was in bud one of the three buds blasted and the others opened but didn't look very healthy.
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