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Philodendron quelelii round

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Number of ratings: 7
Average rating: 4.9
All good
Shipped well, nice plant and well rooted. Quickly recovered and growing nicely. Very beautiful plant.
Big, beautiful and absolutely no sign of any shipping stress.
5/5 -- big, beautiful
Plants came in beautiful and very large. Like many imports, the roots were almost completely rotted away, but after chopping everything back, I still have yet to lose a single node. Packing was excellent and so was the customer service.
big and beautiful!!!
Location: Singapore

OMG is all i said when i saw this big boy, it arrived with 5 huge leaves; big, heart-shaped and textured. if you like the philodendron nangaritense, this is like it but with the leaf texture of a philodendron tenue. don't see why it isn't more popular! absolutely stunning.

in terms of shipping, It came with a root ball full of healthy white roots, no yellowing leaves and by the 3rd day (potted in aroid mix) it's already putting out its new leaf. v happy with how it's turned out.
Wow! Huge specimen of this philo.
This specimen of P. quelelii round is a monster. Big beautiful philo with a healthy root system and BIG leaves! Potted up in an aroid mix this plant is already taking off!
very well rooted, perfect condition, a bit on the smaller side
Such a beauty
A beutiful almost bushy plant with some minor damage on leaves. Good size, healthy looking and good roots.