Customer ratings for Dendrobium parvulum 'Violet Blue' 'Gigi' AOS/CHM 85

Dendrobium parvulum 'Violet Blue' 'Gigi' AOS/CHM 85

Dendrobium parvulum 'Violet Blue' 'Gigi' AOS/CHM 85 

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 3.3
Not Good
A dead plant arrived.
No esta en mis espectativas lamentablemente.
Demasiado pequeño en término de la planta recibida. Lo que hace mas dificil prospere. Vino con hojas amarillas, poco follaje. Se los dije y me dijeron que eso era lo que habia encargado. Mi preocupación es que no llevo ni 36 horas con ella y sigue poniendose amarilla como enferma. Temo va amorir y la voy a perder. Solicito ayuda e instrucciones para que no ocurra.
good size division
multiple leads with live roots. most leaves rotted off, but new growths in good shape. a good buy
Very good
It seems to me sloppy planted before shipping, on the farm. If you have only received, be sure to dig it out. In my case, D. parvulum fell apart into 2 plants. The first fragment is small, but out of 7 - 5 old bulbs with long roots and about 3-4 new bulbs with leaves. The bulbs are tiny, like those of the bulbophyllum moniliforme. The second fragment is larger, three directions of growth, 15 pieces of old bulbs, and each direction of growth with growing bulbs of 1-3-5 good new bulbs. But everything is wrapped in moss so that a few new bulbs stick out on the surface, and the whole rhizome, all all leafless bulbs are in wet moss. This is the reason why it rots quickly in all those who have received parvuluyu. The rhizome dies and rots, along with the old bulbs, and there are a lot of them. I took it out, cleared it of moss, the roots are long and good mass. I pinned it to the hygrolon and spread the entire direction of growth in different directions, with the sign of a Mercedes :)
Thank you very much :) I am very happy with this plant!
On the lower side
I bought 2 small plants, treated it very gently because the foliage started to fall. They were placed in a warm/intermediate condition but could not save them. I guess that if the plant would have been a bit bigger it would have survived. I have to say I did not buy the dendrobium from the U.S.
Sorry but the price is not in correlation to the quality
Received plant was in a bad condition, many leaves yellow and the plant seems not strong enough to survive the delivery.
This was a exception, because all other plants were really good and perfect. However I assume more for that price!
Hola yo compre dos, estoy por recibirlos en enero a qui en Miami, me puedes dar la información , temperatura, luz, tipo de sustrato ETC. muchas gracias.
Great plant! Great offer!
I just got this plant in the mail and I didn't know what to expect, however it arrived well packaged and in good healthy condition. I was relieved by the fact that it wasn't a dud and extremely pleased with the overall purchasing process. I will definitely be a return customer. :)
5 out of 5 stars
When I received this plant it was very healthy. I haven't had it that long but I can tell it's growing well. The foliage is leaning toward the light and it is showing new signs of growth. I emailed the company for cultural advice and Ivan Portilla responded with some very helpful information. I have killed these plants before but I think thanks to Ivan's good advice, and due to the healthiness of the plant, I am having great success. I can't wait to see it bloom!