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Trisetella hoeijeri
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Trisetella hoeijeri

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Healthy plant upon arrival. Love it.
I was surprised how small a species this was but that was my fault. I did not take a picture but it had also rotted in shipping. I always love everything I get from Ecuagenera and for the price it's worth trying.
Very good size, lots of leaves, the plants are mature and have already bloomed.
Very good size, lots of leaves, the plants are mature and have already bloomed.
Shipped to Netherlands in January without heatpack in snowy conditions, which was probably a good decision as not to overheat some plants in this shipment. Very good sized specimen considering its miniature nature. Arrived in excellent condition, healthily rooted in sphagnum.
Perfect miniature
It's the second Trisetella I've taken from Ecuagenera and I must say that having put it in a 50 mm earthenware pot, I found beautiful roots which makes me hope for a flowering in a short time! she was out of stock and I waited for her but it was worth it!!!! great work in Gualaceo
All the roots were dead when I received the plant but after one month the plant is still alive, lost some leaves also and I hope it will not die
Great product
Arrived in time, nicely packed and live! Descent size. I am satisfied with this product.
Saw this online and purchased here because of the price.
This was in my first order form here. I was very happy with the size and condition of this orchid. It was well packaged. It did lose a few small leaves in transit and during the transition to my conditions. Overall very nice plant. It came in the specified timeframe. I will be planning my next order soon. The sale prices were great too. Perfect timing for my order. This rating page isn’t working well though.
Spitzen Qualität
Ich habe bis jetzt bei keinen der europäischen Händler solch große und kräftig entwickelte Pflanzen erhalten. Echt super!
Fine plant!
Bad roots but sizable clump
This was one of two orchids that arrived with almost no root system. It has been a month and is starting to recover. The actual plant itself is more warmth tolerant than many other pleurothallids. I've grown this in the past in I/W conditions. Make sure you know how to acclimate pleurothallids before buying.
Very poor
I received this plant after a severe delay in Germany.
I'm sure when it was posted .it was well wrapped and protected but was severely dehydrated by the time it got to me , no leaves left on at all . Some other plants in the parcel have gone on to do extremely well.
Well wrapped and packed in a container to maintain humidity. Sturdy little plants, arrived on 23 November in excellent condition and already forming new roots. Thank you!
En principio tiene buen aspecto, turgente y con las hojas firmes. Bien empaquetada y con suficiente humedad. Aunque si presente cierta decoloración que achaco a la falta de luz durante el tiempo de transporte.
Dead in couple of days
Was delivered severely dehydrated and was dead in a couple of days. 11 out of 12 plants died. It seems like shipping was delayed and plants were without air or water for much longer then they can survive
Descent size of plant
I got this about 2 weeks ago. It arrived in a good condition and I immediately mounted it on an oak slab in moss. Keeping it humid and cool/intermediate (78-80 F max.) in the shady part of the greenhouse, so far so good.
Plant damaged
I ordered two plants on my purchase. This plant arrived damaged because it was not secured in the plastic container like the other one. The plant had been moving freely inside the pastic container causing damage to itself and the other plant. The plant arrived with six leaves and three of them had fallen off. I am not sure what will happen to other leaves and if the plant will make it.
I lost the plant probably due to overwatering l believed. All the leaves dropped off and there goes my dream. I will try again this species in the future and due to it sheer minute size it is really difficult unless you have a prefect conditions.
Plant received in excellent condition
This is a really lovely miniature orchid that I have tried to grow before without much success. So I bought two this time so that I can double my chance of success.
I ordered this plant in February 2018 for delivery to the RHS Orchid Show in London, England. The plant I was given was a good sized clump with plenty of leaves, and very healthy. Mid May I spotted 2 spikes forming, and the flowers opened on 27th May. I hadn't expected it to flower (although I live in hope), and certainly not so soon. I'm over the moon. Thank you.
Very poor quality orchid. I took the best of care with the plant, but after a week it died.
Not suitable for growth in captivity!
This orchid will not live in captivity; at least not in the US. When I received it at the show it had already dropped most of its leaves. 5 days later it died.
Nice looking plant
Very pleased with them
Received 3 of them yesterday, well packaged healthy looking plants.
I'm very happy with this cute little plant. It arrived as a slightly smaller clump than some of the other miniatures I ordered, but it is still a decent size and definitely big enough to start blooming. It's growing nicely less than a month later.