Philodendron verrucosum 2

Philodendron verrucosum 2


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Beautiful plant, but follow instructions (13.06.2022)
These have a little difficulty with travel, so I lost three of the four leaves, but it also had a leaf that wasn't unfurled yet, and that one came thru travel beautifully. Within two weeks, that leaf unfurled, and it's pushing out two more! Keep it in pretty high humidity (I built a box for it to stand in water and covered at night) and let it breathe in the daytime. No pests or disease, plenty of nodes, and it's taking off. Gorgeous plant. I'm very happy with it.
Be prepared (05.05.2022)
It is hard to acclimate but its expected. It lost all leaves and the root system was almost all rotted. There are a lot of nodes though so completely worth it.
Beautiful (22.04.2022)
I did lose two of the three leaves due to shipping but plant is otherwise healthy and beautiful. Last leaf has held on and I can see new growth after about a month!
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