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Anthurium argyrostachyum
Anthurium argyrostachyum

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Déçu toutes les feuilles avaient des défaut sèches ou jaunes. Il reste qu une feuille. Une nouvelle est à venir j attend qu elle grandisse
An absolutely gorgeous specimen. Arrived in pristine shape.
Very poor packing and handling
I ordered this plant and another for pickup at a show in Tacoma. Both of them were in extremely poor condition. All the stems were snapped so I am rehabilitating stumps currently. Have emailed but never received a response. Very disappointed in the quality for something I drove 4 hours to pick-up.
Wishlist plant with lovely foliage
The plant I received has 3 healthy leaves and 4th on its way. Just a tiny bit of yellowing and spots on the leaves which are a result of transport shock. Healthy and well established root system. Plant seems to acclimatize really well after a week and newest leaf is expanding. Can recommend to anyone who can provide this plant with good growing conditions :)
Risky but worth it
I'd say this plant shipped well-- packaging was excellent. I bought two-- one arrived with mostly damaged leaves but the other stayed in pretty good shape. The one with damaged leaves also appeared to develop a fungus within a few weeks? Not sure what to attribute this to but my friend who also bought one had the same experience-- mine shriveled and is on death's doorstep. RIP. Weird though, because my other one was beautiful and is still doing great. Leaf is still perfect after a month.
Large plant with excellent root system!
Excellent plant!!! purchased this during autumn, so there were some cold damage on the leaves and anthurium argyrostachyum are known to ship poorly. However, within a week, new shoot emerged!

Excellent plant and the sales staff was very kind and helpful.