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Alocasia cuprea

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HUGE cuprea
I received my alocasia cuprea and it was huge possibly 4 leaves but unfortunately it eventually died. I dont think alocasia likes their roots disturbed and then put in the long trip. It came with soft roots. I was sad when it died coz I really loved it. I placed it my greenhouse cabinet with growlights and instermitent mister. Still, it just rotted. The only thing that Im happy is that they left 2 corms. I am growing it right now and they're sprouting already.
The plant arrived in excellent condition with three leaves and lots of healthy roots. The plant I received is massive with the largest leaf well over 12 inches in length - probably the largest cuprea I've ever seen. Definitely impressed!
Size is small
The plant arrived in really good condition, a new leaf is unfurling, plant is pack well, so there is only minimum damage to the plant itself. However, size is on the smaller scale, the biggest leaf is approximately 3.5 inch long. Overall I'm still happy with the plant.
This was mostly definitely an amazing buy, the leaves are drop dead gorgeous and none die from the shipping. I’d highly recommend you buy this plant when it comes in stock. I wish i would take a photo and post it to show how amazing it looks. But great buy!!!!!!!
Highly recommended
I was impressed at the condition upon receiving these Alocasia Cupreas. They packaged the plant with great care which I appreciate very much. Ecuagenera has delivered again. Nice staff, great plants. My hats off to you Ecuagenera! I'll order more plants from them.