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Anthurium timplowmanii

Anthurium timplowmanii

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,8
Not perfect, but ok
The plant is quite small, some of the leaves were mechanically destroyed in transport and some started turning yellow right after arrival. But it's got a good and healthy root system, so I think after an initial shock it's going to be ok.
Cool litte Plant
It's a good traveler! Doing very well. Received 2 weeks ago.
Very good
Ordered 1 plant. It arrived super well, no leaves have fallen on the contrary all are super green and rigid. Love this plant along with the similar debilipeltatum. It's been over a month and no new leaves, but I think it's also a slow grower so everything is fine. Definitly one of my favorites.
Nice plant!
This plant is beautiful. It looks like it will not grow big in size, but it doesn't need to because its a show stopper at the size it's at. Really hardy leaves. I'm happy with my purchase.