Philodendron pseudoverrucosum cf

Philodendron pseudoverrucosum cf


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Rewelacja!!! (11.05.2023)
Rośliny zamawiane na początku kwietnia, przyszły w rewelacyjnej kondycji . Jestem pod wrażeniem wielkości . Jest dokładnie takiej wielkości jak na zdjęciu. Polecam!
Bigger than expected (27.11.2021)
Large leaves. Well packaged, good roots despite shipping to UK in winter . Fingers crossed it will acclimate.
You have be lucky i guess (19.10.2021)
Got this plant together with a A. Regale and i chose for express shipping. My plant came in a ok size, looked ok. After less than a week i two leaves are gone and the biggest leaf is dying. Plus it seems the plant has some kind of leaf fungal disease.
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