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Anthurium pendens Ecuagenera
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Fresh, big plant with healthy roots
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This particular anthurium has 2 very long beautiful leaves, about 2 feet long. The leaves are shiny, velvety, elongated - a true stunner!
Arrived in bad shape
Among 90% nice shape plants in the same package, this plant was a big disappointment. It came with 2 fair sized leaves, one was badly deformed and the other had a large dry patch in the middle of the leaf. No roots attached. I contacted Ecuagenera and they said they will replace it if it died.
It is alive but in dormancy since July. No change as of yet. Was it worth $90? No.

Also, my question about the scientific name of it wasn't answered. It is very similar to A. Vittarifolium that I have 2 specimens. I would appreciate the correct scientific names for plants.
Long Leaves
Long leaves and healthy roots. There's not much more you can ask for. The fact that there was no damage is just the icing on the cake. This plant is loved.
Very Impressed with the size!
Ecuagenera outdid themselves with this plant, high quality. I could not beleive how large the leaves were, one was over 3 feet long . Amazing. The roots were in good condition. Leaves packed carefully in paper and roots in moss and plastic. My first order, very pleased with this plant.
Beautiful three leaf specimen. One long elegant leaf, medium and small leaf, with new leaf arriving. In flawless condition.
better luck this time
this plant is a repeat order for me, and I'm happy to say it arrived in much better condition than the previous one!! do i need 2 pendens? no. am i glad to own both? abso-frickin-lutely.
Got a seedling that is deteriorating fast
I was expecting what the website mentioned - a medium sized plant, but received a seedling, worst part was the roots were chopped to less than an inch. As expected with no healthy roots and no chunky stem, I see necrotic patches develop daily, even with excellent care and the plant is slowly dying. It's heart breaking.
large leaves
Like Long Boi stated I guess we may have been lucky with our order, we got two plants, both came with two + long leaves (one with a significant growth point). Roots were great, totally happy with this purchase. I would say these are much sturdier than their Waroc's. We have ours in moss still but perlite would also do the trick.
Long boi
Reading other's reviews I might have been lucky.
Mine came with 2 leaves and a great root system.
The 2 leaves are 50 cm and 70 cm, the biggest one is still hardening off.

It's also already making a new leaf after just being with me for 11 days
not worth the price - small plant
very small for the price, and only 1 established leaf that I lost quickly due to fungal issues. Not really any roots made it, expensive for what was essentially a chonk.
Not stable
Plant arrived with just a node chunk and 2 leaves. One of the leaves was broken half off and soon turned yellow. The other leaf fell off after 3 weeks. I had placed this directly in a mixture of coconut fiber and perlite to try and get some root growth. Disappointed that I am losing this, especially for the price.
Not worth it
2 leaved plant attached to a chonk. Roots were rotten and all had to be cut off so will likely be starting with bare nodes... :-(
Small plant, little roots
I ordered 3 Anthurium pendens and they all had very little roots and leaves less than 4inches long. They did not ship well either, lost several leaves after transit.
good root but small
plant has good root system but pretty small. nonetheless, it is a good plant to have:
nice plant but bad shipping experience
the plant is undeniably beautiful, but i am devastated that mine came with just two leaves, and both are badly damaged. one has cleanly snapped in two, and another one is torn and bruised throughout the entire leaf... the roots seem to be doing ok for now though. sad :(
Absolutely amazing
Shipped perfectly, no rot and amazing foliage. I definitely recommend
Positive experience
Generally, a fuss-free plant that stabilizes well after shipping.

Do note that while handling the medium it came with, we realized the roots are really brittle and could snap easily, so we decided to chuck the existing medium into our mix and it worked out fine.

A good buy I must say.
Lonnnng Leaves
Plant came with two long leaves, one over 20 in. +.

Didnt come with as many roots as some of their other plants, BUT it shipped really well and is settling in nicely after a few weeks. Would absolutely order this strap leaf again.
Happy with my purchase
I bought two of these plants. One arrived with 3 leaves and the other had 2 leaves but one snapped off in the box so it only has 1 leaf. The leaves are longer than I expected. The roots were ok. There was a little bit of root rot, but that is expected when importing. My plants were shipped 3-day UPS, I didn't ask to upgrade shipping. They are usually shipped with USPS and ask me beforehand if I would like to upgrade, so I'm not sure how they will be shipping plants in the future. Overall, my plants arrived very healthy and in good condition.
This shipped wonderfully all the way to Philly. Not one yellow leaf, or mushy root. it has one very long fat left with three smaller ones, and a spike on the way. don't hesitate to buy this if you catch it while it's in stock
healthy unique
this is a beautiful aroid that looks even better than the pictures. So far it has been pretty low maintainence. Looking forward to watching another Ecuagenera plant grow.