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Philodendron esmeraldense (seedling)

Philodendron esmeraldense (seedlings)

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Very beautiful
A beautiful plant. Top packed (delivery went to Germany) I have zero to complain about. Thank you very much for the great plant
Died very quickly after arriving
I don’t think these seedling are strong enough to handle transport. After the leaves dropped I couldn’t even save the steam, it was all rotten.
The worst plant experience I've ever had!
PLEASE do not buy this plant! I live in a 10b zone & this plant still basically disintegrated. All leaves dyed and even the stem is gone! It's rotted. I cannot even attempt to save it.... IT ALL ROTTED!! I NEVER wanted to cry over a plant until this. Once again, died in less than a week and a half. I contacted customer service and never heard back from them. Honestly I do not recommend you buying from this site. Use the USA site... I think the plants are a little bit more healthier even though they're more expensive. I also contact the customer service and I never heard back from them. DON'T BUY!
Five Stars
Ordered four Philo esmeraldense seedlings that arrived in perfect condition. Nice roots and leaves. Very healthy plants. Amazing addition to my aroid garden. While I read some unfavorable ratings, perhaps the buyers did not select Express Mail which guaranteed delivery.
Barely hanging on
It's been almost two months and this plant is barely hanging on. Like the other reviews said, the roots were not in great shape. I've tried to promote more growth by keeping it in moss and high humidity but she sure does look sad. Just never picked up after shipping which is a shame.
Rotted, no leaves.
Purchased 10 of these, and all but one was rotted / all of the leaves unattached upon unpacking the order. The rot was so advanced up the rather small stems that only one viable node was left. There is rather low risk of survival for these plants as a result. I would not recommend the seedlings, you are better off to get the more developed plant which ships better.
Healthy plant, nice size
Arrived with essentially no viable roots. Hydrated in SuperThrive for 36 hours and then moved to Spaghnum and into a humidity box. Over the course of two weeks, it died. I order a lot from Ecuagenera and have come to accept that some imports just won't make it but it's always disappointing.
Plant equivalent to pictures
Healthy plant. No yellowing leaves upon opening of box. Soil roots were not healthy, but the aerial roots arrived healthy. Very leathery.