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Phragmipedium humboldtii 'Fortuna'

Phragmipedium humboldtii 'Fortuna' ( caudatum ´Fortuna`)

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,6
Eine sehr kräftige Pflanze, 4-5 Triebe, mit bereits angesetzten Knospen, die ohne jede Unterbrechung weitergewachsen sind obwohl die Pflnaze wurzelnackt geliefert wurde. Kaum zu glauben wie mühelos die mit dem Transport, dem neuen Standort und den veränderten Bedingungen klarkommt. Sehr zu empfehlen und jeden Cent wert.
Perfection at its best. Perfect leaves, perfect roots, and the shipping is perfect.
I ordered this last October. It had 1 previously bloomed growth in addition to 2 mature fans. It did not have viable roots, but within 3 weeks, roots were growing strongly and it sent up a flower spike. 4 months later, the roots have almost filled a 6 inch pot.
Good size healthy plant
Great quality plant
I received my plant in August, in great condition with 4 fans. Right now it is growing new side shoots. Really happy with it. Packing was perfect, and delivery was fast. Thank you!
Health plants, best price online
Came bareroot, good sized plants and came with several fans, impressed they are not selling just a fan or seedling from a flask like most commercial sellers in the US and on ebay. Same with several of my other phrag/paph ordered. Healthy plants.
strong plant with healthy roots and many new shoots. On one part of the plant, I found a stop list. I am delighted!
I love it! Just waiting for it to spike now.
Awesome! 5!
This orchid looks fantastic! Great roots and in really good shape. Thank you!
plant in good health but a little small for the price
Excellent leaves and vigorous substantial roots. I am looking forward to this one flowering. So glad it's blooming size. I would definitely buy again at Ecuagenera. I have never been disappointed with any aspect of ordering plants at this nursery.