Phragmipedium pearcei

Phragmipedium pearcei

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10/10 (09.10.2021)
Received this large, healthy specimen without a single hitch. I was surprised to see how substantial the plantlets were. Outstanding customer service, money well spent, couldn't be happier. I am moments away from placing another order.
Höchste Qualität (22.09.2021)
Kräftige Pflanze, hat sich sehr schnell an die neuen Verhältnisse gewöhnt, macht bereits nach zwei Wochen Neutriebe. Nur zu empfehlen.
Very healthy plant and roots (19.05.2021)
I gave this as a gift to my sister along with Phrag longifolium. She is very excited since she has always wanted Phrags. I am sure they will do well for her
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