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Masdevallia ventricularia
Masdevallia ventricularia
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Not great for shipping
I have ordered 3 of these and just about every time they are dead or almost dead on arrival and finish dying shortly after. This is no fault of Ecuagenera as it seems this species *DOES NOT* like to be shipped.
Something went wrong! But Ecuagenera replaced it.
The plant arrived with roughly 50 leaves and partly living roots. I potted it and over the next week the leaves fell off in clusters every time I touched the plant. In a week the plant was dead. It had arrived with several fading flowers and from the color of those, I consider this a desirable color form of this species. Ecuagenera promptly offered to replace and ship the plant.
Thank for your comment, some plants don't like to much traveling and tend to lose some leaves, we will replace you this species, please let us know how it arrives.
Not healthy
Plant is very unhealthy and lost most of its leaves right when I unwrapped it. It has almost no good roots. Remaining leaves do not look great, with brown and yellow patches.