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Dresslerella caesariata
Dresslerella caesariata

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Not the best quality. Disappointing!!!
Reçu une plante avec peu de feuille, néanmoins, une belle plante déjà grande.
À son arrrivée elle était en motte de sphaigne avec peu de racines. Une fois montée sur écorce, de nouvelles racines sont apparues, puis de nouvelles feuilles.
Super cute and healthy
I ordered this guy along with 8 other mini orchids and this one looked really good. Very cool fuzzy orchid. Made the trip well.
An excellent specimen! 12 leaves, nicely formed, flowering size
I have had this plant for 3 1/2 months. It arrived bare root, wrapped in sphagnum, in very good shape. I was not sure whether I should pot it or mount it. I potted it in sphagnum, but think now think that maybe I should have mounted it. It is doing well, I have 4 new leaves which are now nearly fully formed. In a pot I think it is a little tricky to get the moisture right. I think when a water it in the pot it stays damp too long, I have lost about 5 new leaves to rot. The leaves would get about .5 cm long and then just turn black and wither. The current new leaves are in their final stages of development, and after they fully form I think I will mount the plant on cork as the Dresslerella lasiocampa I received from Ecuagenera are. I am growing the Dresslerella caesariata about 40 cm below a 4 bulb T5 light fixture on a wire shelf with other plants fairly close. I find the Dresslerella caesariata another very interesting, fuzzy Dresslerella species. An excellent plant!