Oncidium Camilita Portilla

Oncidium Camilita Portilla


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Needed some care (01.11.2020)
Arrive as a large plant but rapidly developed pseudo bulb rot. Managed to save two younger growth and they seem to be doing well.
Large healthy plant! (16.01.2018)
The plan arrived in good shape. It has multiple pseudobulbs and new growth. It is a large plant.
Excellent- gorgeous! (08.11.2015)
I bought this plant at the Ecuagenera outlet in Cuenca on the recommendation of the very helpful clerk. It has spikes at multiple stages of flower development and appears that it will still be blooming for months to come. I am not experienced at orchid care, but again the clerk's instructions have made this orchid easy to care for? We love it!

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