Masdevallia fuchsii x Masd. notosibirica

Masdevallia fuchsii x Masd. notosibirica

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Excellent (28.12.2021)
Big size plant with healthy roots. Thank you!
So easy to flower, and so very beautiful (13.08.2018)
I am a big fan Masdevallia notosibirica so ordered this cross, more out of curiosity than for any other reason, for collection at the Malvern International Orchid Show in mid-June 2018. A very nice, reasonably sized and well established, plant arrived and now, just two months later, it has already settled in and produced four flower spikes, the first of which opened yesterday (12th August). The 30C plus temperatures it had to endure since the show didn't bother it at all and it's growing really well. It is one of the most beautiful Masdevallias I have ever seen and I am so happy I chose it. Thank you Ecuagenera, the hours spent browsing your website and narrowing down the subsequent list have been very well rewarded.

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