Phragmipedium Hanne Popow

Phragmipedium Hanne Popow


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Lovely flower (29.08.2022)
A very healthy adult phrag. Healthy root system. The plant had one open flower when it was delivered. I was lucky to see the last blooming. Very cute! Unfortunately, other spikes were already withered.
Large plant in excellent condition (04.08.2022)
All of the plants in my order where in good shape when they arrived but Phag. Hanne Popow stood out as a large healthy plant among the others. At least eight mature growths, some of which had bloomed, and three new half-developed leads made for a large healthy plant.
Big and healthy Plant / Planta grande y saludable. (18.01.2022)
I got a beautiful big and healthy plant.
Recibí una bonita planta, grande y saludable.
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