Philodendron furcatum

Philodendron furcatum


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Terrible (07.05.2022)
Specimen with 2 leaves and rooted roots. Sent pics and they said it look alright and to rehab. Now, just a stomp. Buyer beware
Looked good on arrival (08.12.2021)
This plan looked good on arrival. The roots looked strong and it was slightly moist. However, after about 10 days I have lost 2 of the 4 leaves and it has not put out new growth yet. I have to assume that the plant was stressed by the shipping process. Hopefully , it will settle in and put out some growth.
I knew what I got myself into with this plant (16.11.2021)
Notoriously bad shipper and I can confirm, it arrived well but quickly declined trying to acclimate, it is a wetstick now. Not the fault of Ecuagenera, they packaged great, but the plant is just a really difficult shipper.
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