Tillandsia complanata red

Tillandsia complanata red


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Good (11.09.2021)
Plants came in good to great condition but died in a week. I live in hot/wet climate. The first to die was replaced for "free" (had to make another purchase and piggy back in package) but the second died before the third replacement arrived where it also rotted in the same exact manner (outer stem rot) one week after arrival. I will attempt to buy some red complanata's in a cooler time of year since the tillandsia's are wrapped in plastic to hold moisture. In 100°+ weather (when I purchased) this plastic can possibly cook the plants like a sauna. The inside of the bags were dripping wet with condensation both deliveries which is evident of being in high temps. I purchased many other far more delicate plants from Ecuagenera which lived on just fine. I'm thinking there was an issue wish these 3 red complanata's specifically or they cannot withstand the and hot temperatures. I also purchase tequendamae, complanata green form, heterandra, limonensis all living on. Seemannii was also po purchased and also died in 5-7 days but is small species and far more sensitive to hot temps. All that said I love all the species offered and will continue to buy from Ecuagenera in the future being more careful of when I ship in extreme temperatures.

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