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Philodendron subhastatum
Philodendron subhastatum

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So pretty
Got this during sale , and I am really impressed with this and other plants from same purchase. I can't wait for another sale .
Healthy plant..
Arrived with crinkled leaves, but otherwise it is a healthy plant with many roots. Beautiful coloration.
Its been a good plant, the size was ok. Not crazy impressive but was a nice size for sure.
Gorgeous plant
Packaged perfectly and arrived in immaculate condition. Nearly identical to the picture. Plant has been with me 2 weeks now and is thriving. Never lost any leaves and already has a new one emerging. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much!
Big plant, bad roots, but should do well with some time!
I ordered two of these. One plant was really big, and the other was about 6 inches smaller. They both came in good condition, but the roots were not in great condition, so I trimmed them down and let it rest in water for a few days, then moved it to moss. I have it in an Ikea cabinet at 70% humidity and about 70-75F. It is in moss with a heat pad currently, but hope for better growth with summer weather! I would order this again!
Poor root systems
I don’t recommend this plant.
Root was rotten and leaves yellow.
It was really awful.
Beautiful plant
It came in poor condition rotten root
and burnt new leaf. but healthy leaf is gorgeous.
I am so excited to watch grow!
5 stars
arrived in good condition,healthy well established root system
Giant and healthy!
I had never heard of this species, so I was quite intrigued when I saw it on the website. I was taken in by the coloring of the leaves. The plant arrived in excellent condition. The roots were a little smaller than I was expecting, for a plant of its size. But, the leaves look great. It had one leaf that hadn't completely unfurled. Since acquiring the plant (about 3 weeks ago), the leaf has unfurled and is starting to darken up, including its red backing.
Came in relatively good condition. Arrived fast. Lost a few leaves but the plant is doing excellent.
Does not travel well
The order arrived 8 days late, even with Express shipping. This plant specifically arrived like a bag of soggy lettuce, only two leaves were salvageable and 2/3 of the roots were a total loss. It's rooting in water in a greenhouse currently and appears to be ok now. Not Ecuagenera's fault but beware of shipping delays
Root Rot Galore and Beware Solid Green Version!
This is the 2nd time I ordered subhastatum ( this time I ordered 2) and every single plant has had root rot or more like stem rot - where the lower stem and leaves are yellowing and it's a fight to save the plant.
The first time I chopped up the plant and was able to start repropagating top portion.
This time one plant rooted very quickly after unboxing and was unable to save anything.
The 2nd I was very disappointed because it was a solid green plant - I didn't even believe it was a subhastatum - but they told me it was a mature form and I that I have to order the Ecuagenera version if I want to guarantee the red backing. Well they should advertise that if that's the case, because the pics certainly don't show the possibility here. For a refund or replacement they said I would have to ship back... but the playing for shipping twice is like the cost of the plant is not worth my time and energy. So was very disappointed. Also that plant also had the same stem rot was a much better survivor.... unfortunately it's just a plant that I don't want
Root rot
Arrived quite damaged on the leaves and with root rot, chopped the rotten and damaged parts and all that was left was a two sad leaves and rootless cutting. After 4 months is finally starting to develop new roots so I guess it will live
This plant is absolutely gorgeous! It is much larger than I had anticipated and is very healthy. Great roots and not a single leaf damaged in transit. Definitely recommend.
Large root system and healthy large plant
This one is finally a 5 star plant in my opinion. It has an extensive root system and several healthy leaves.
Such a great plant, doing very well and no damage at all after shipping
I had my plant for a couple weeks now and its adjusting well! I was also very surprised as to how big the plant was! The seller is also very commutative throughout the entire purchase which i found very nice and convenient.
very nice plants
plants are very healthy and beautiful..Had to order some more !
This poor plant was stuck in the US postal delay and was in rough shape when it finally arrived. It currently has only two leaves left and I have it in water and in a portable greenhouse with humidity. I hope to be able to rehab it and bring it back. It was a surprise at how big a plant was sent. Hope it comes back.
Gorgeous and thriving :)
Healthy and beautiful
I ordered two of these and it was shipped priority mail. USPS postal service is currently not in the best shape. Even with priority mail, the plants took 7 days to arrive. They were packed well and when arrived were fine. Nice root system (aerial roots present too) on both plants. Both are a decent size as well. Close to 2’ long. One plant had two leaves and the other had 3. One leaf dropped off the two leaf plant but that’s to be expected with the stress of shipping and settling into a new space. It’s already putting out new growth so that leaf will be replaced soon. Lastly, red under the leaves is bright and beautiful. It does fade a bit as the leaves mature but still nice to see.
Sulky, but save-able
It arrived looking good, but quickly declined in the days following. One of the two leaves began to quickly droop and turn yellow. The stem began to wrinkle and become rather shrunken.

I decided to take it out of its pot and put it in a vase with damp sphagnum moss. It quickly rehydrated and has recently begun to put out new growth.

Sometimes imported plants just need a little more TLC and attention. Even with the emergency rehab I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you
I adore this plant
I’ve owned P.Subhastatum before. I’ve had Larger specimens, smaller specimens, but never one this beautiful. The leaf colors are striking. The plant is strong. I think I may order another before the growing season ends.
I was very excited to have found this plant for such a great price - even with shipping costs, it was still much cheaper than anything you can purchase in the US. The plant came with three leaves, one of which was on its way out, but I expected that due to shipping stress (all plants I received were packaged very, very well). The other two leaves were perfect, and the root system is very strong. I've had it in my home now for 2 weeks, and it's still just as perfect as when it arrived. Will definitely be ordering more from this shop!
Awesome Plant
I love this plant! I picked mine up at a local show, and it's great. Super healthy, good roots, nothing more than a couple spots on the leaves. The red undersides of the leaves is really striking. !00% recommend this plant.
Looks better than in photo!
I purchased this at a show.

It was a nice size and the foliage is beautiful. Great red coloration on the lower side of the leaves. it seems easy to grow/ I just potted it 2 days ago, no issues.