Philodendron lynnhannoniae cf

Philodendron lynnhannoniae cf


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Completely dry and wilted... Did not recover. (08.11.2022)
I ordered from Equagenera and picked up from one of their pop up shows. It was like they packed the plants the day I ordered them and put them in a fridge for months..... They were COMPLETELY dry and had cold damage.

Of course they were all wrapped tightly when I picked them up but I contacted the company as soon as I got home when I saw they were beyond saving.

They told me to give them 100% humidity and lots of water... Well I did and SURPRISE they rotted within a day. I shared pictures and detailed documentation with customer service and now they have been ignoring me for days.

I will NOT recommend ordering from them again. Will be sure to post this review since they will not reply.
very small (18.09.2022)
The plant arrived well, but it arrived very small, I have made previous orders and plants of a good size have arrived, with this philodendron it was not like that.
Moribund (05.08.2022)
The leaves yellowed and curled, there was a long wound on the stem. Not of satisfactory quality
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