Anthurium rugulosum

Anthurium rugulosum

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Good health, good roots, very happy ;) (09.08.2021)
Beautifull plant with 3 leaves! can't wait to see him grow up
I don't give 5 stars because it is a small plant. (31.07.2021)
I know the pictures from Ecuagenera al always a reference, but in this case, I did receive a small juvenile plant.
The good: the plan is super healthy with a nice root system.
The bad: The new growth dried out (I suppose from shipment) and one of the 3 leaves yellowed.
The ugly: the package in which it came was ultra wet and mushy (which can be risky).

All in all, I'm happy to add a new specimen to my collection.
Healthy looking plant for now... (24.06.2021)
Plants arrived surprisingly with no damages on leaves which is super rare for overseas shipping. Received a plant with leaf size measuring approximately 20cm. (though I wish it can be bigger)
Roots seems to be healthy with no rotting signs. I have to say this was a risky move, attempting to grow a A.Rugulosum in a tropical environment with sweltering heat up to 30 degrees Celsius despite reading numerous comments on the cool and moist habitat this plant requires.
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