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Massive and beautiful
Ordered online and picked up during a pop-up. It looks very healthy with no yellowing or dead roots. It has acclimated easily.
Amazing packaging. Amazing plant
I have ordered lots of plants off the internet and this one was packaged particularly well. The plant arrived flawlessly with three beautiful long leaves. props to Ecuagenera, I will be ordering from them again.
Lovely strap leaf. Rapid growth!
This plant is gorgeous! Long thin leafs. It's growing almost 1 leaf per month since potting it in an aroid mix and hanging in a east window. It's growing like a weed. Likes to dry out a bit between waterings.

Likes liquid fish fertilizer in its active growth period. Threw a small/weak bloom spike already!
Just a beauty
Great roots, Beautiful leaves, big medium size. It acclimates great! It came with 3 leaves and within a month it pushed out a bigger leaf. I love this plant. I ordered a second one.
first rate!
I love this plant! Huge leaves and great root system.
A lot bigger than i expected it to be and it even had a dead flower when i got it. The roots look great too.
Absolutely wonderful
These babies come in beautifully, acclimate easily and are so much fun to keep.
I am in awe of this plant!
massive 20+ inch leaves came in healthy roots and all, very satisfied with this plant!
Toddler sized
Five, 20-23 inch leaves. Some are bent and a little withered simply due to the size and length of shipping. Excellent value for the plant nonetheless. Planning on ordering two more when I have the funds, I recommend to get expedited shipping. - CT
4.5 stars
Shipped fairly well. Some stress but, a big beautiful plant. Probably will lose two leaves but very happy with this purchase.
Beautiful plant
Picked it up at the Montreal pop up in August 2022. It was in perfect condition with plenty of roots. The leaves are 14+ inches!!! Btw, customer service is impeccable!!!
Very happy, this was a preorder it arrived with good roots
Shipped fairly well. I was not expecting such long leaves. It's a good sized plant only lost one leaf due to shipping.
Beautiful plant and healthy.
HUGE specimen! In perfect condition!
Wow! Thanks a bunch. One of my new favorites. Arrived to eastern Canada in perfect condition and wasted zero time giving me a new leaf! Within 2 weeks, I have a new leaf! (A as just the start of it when it arrived. Very happy!
Very nice, healthy plant
Healthy plant shipped all the way to Sweden. No problem problems with roots or leaves. Have it in my cabinet with some extra humidity for now (just to be safe).
Nice healthy plant
I got this plant 3 months ago. A couple of leaves were damaged during transportation, but the plant was very healthy overall and soon gave me a few new giant leaves.
Très bien
Plante parvenue en bon état et conforme .++++
Happy healthy plant
I bought this one and a seedling, I am very happy with both! They have settled in well in my cabinet and already given me new leaves! Great leaves and roots! I have had great luck with the anthurium I have gotten from you all!!
This is a 10
I was not ready for what Ecuagenera sent me. I was a little worried because I didn't know if this is what I wanted, it's a lot different then any Anthurium I've purchased. When I opened the package this plant was absolutely beautiful and it is doing fine. I recommend this plant.
Arrived with 12+inch leaf
Purchased during stable daytime weather but had a unexpected 2 day, night time frost. The other plants were effected but this plant took it like a champ.

It arrived incredibly healthy is moss. I replanted in a hanging pot and put in a west facing window. It's very stable and healthy and seems like it's growing new roots and a new leaf in less than two weeks of owning it.
Great plant
For sure a big success, I got this plant in December and started growing new roots really fast and he made a new leaf bigger then the previous, really healthy
Poor shipping
I was absolutely thrilled to order a plant that's been at the top of my wishlist for some time. I should've known better than to order during a cold snap, but I intentionally asked several times that a heat pack be included in the box with another plant I'd ordered. There was one tiny heat pack for the whole box, and both plants were completely frozen. I expected some damage (and have rehabbed dozens of plants after shipping) but this one promptly rotted away into nothing, roots, leaves, and stem.

I attempted to contact Ecuagenera but unfortunately was a couple of days past the deadline. Again, my fault. Please include better heat packs!
Received this with 4 leaves, 2 of which were over a foot long. Root system was healthy and free of rot. Acclimatized well without issues and has pushed out a new leaf within a month of being in my care.
Absolutely STUNNING! All 3 leaves are over a foot long and after 2 weeks, it's already pushing out new growth. The roots are very healthy looking and the plant has been acclimating very well. Can't wait to see it grow - thanks!
Huge Anthurium Pallidflorum!
Just received my beautiful Pallidiflorum in the mail today and WOW! This plant is HUGE! And packed so well. Very professional packaging with this baby. One leaf is almost a foot and a half long. It has several healthy leaves and the roots are healthy looking. No rotting at all. This is my best purchase ever from Ecuagenera. Thanks!
Beautiful plant!
Arrived safely in Louisiana, USA in January in great condition! Leaves were bigger than I expected! It transitioned nicely into my humid livingroom :)
Beautiful tiny plant
I bought this twice and received healthy small plants, I am sure they will grow just fine..
Rough. Arrived with broken, yellow leaves and so-so roots. Packaging is not designed for winter weather. Beware.
Beautiful plant, all green :)
The plant had a very rough traveling. But it arrived nice and fully with green healthy leaves. A very bit bent leaves , but I think it will straighten out soon.
Barely any transit shock
Ordered 4 aroids from Ecuagenera and although they were all great, the pallidiflorum is definitely the one that bounced back the fastest. Beautiful, long leaves, wonderful root system! Absolutely love it :)
Große gesunde pflanze
Magnificent with Beautiful long Leaves
I just received my Pallidiflorum yesterday and when I first opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a stunning plant with long flawless leaves. This is the second day so the plant is still adjusting to my environment but it still looks fresh. The roots are healthy and full. There are 3 longer leaves, one is very long and 2 baby leaves with no spots, tears, or flaws. I am going to pamper this plant by sitting it next to my humidifier, growing it in good drainage soil, and placing it near a well-lit window where it will receive lots of indirect light. The goal is to not only keep it alive but keep it thriving, healthy, and growing in my environment.
healthy plant
i received my anthurium in october, it was perfectly shipped. The soil was pretty dry, but the roots looked juicy. After a couple of days the plant was looking great again. I was expecting some yellowing leaves or any other problem, but nothing happened at all. Within 2 months it already produced 2 perfect new leaves and another is coming. I can highly recommend this plant!
This anthurium is very beautiful with it's shiny leaves almost like satin. The plant I got is still small and lost a couple of the baby leaves in shipment. One of the more mature leaves I had to trim off the 1/4 of the tip because it was shredded. But otherwise the plant is healthy and had good roots. I can't wait to see it grow!
Nice healthy plant
Received a very healthy seedling with great leaves and healthy roots.
Beautiful plant, very healthy roots!
Super happy with the plant. 3 short leaves around 25-30cm long. and one long leaf around 45cm! the leaves almost no damage only one of short leaf have a tiny cut. Higher recommended.
Little beauty
Well-packed and healthy plant, quite large as a seedling. There are some minor damages but noting serious and new growing leaf visible. I'm happy with it.
I got a very size. Shipping is always good. No time rehab at all. I use PON and this one loving it.
Gorgeous plant!
So this is what they call a seedling??? So big with healthy roots!!!
Incredible plant!
My plant arrived without signs of stress, with more than 5 leaves of about 30 cm in length and very healthy, I currently have it for 2 weeks acclimatizing at home. I love her!
Large healthy seedlings!
Absolutely lovely! Large size for seedlings, very healthy root system and one of them even came with two plants in it. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. They've acclimated beautifully. A little over one week in my care and one has already unfurled her new leaf. 100% recommend!
Must have!
Shipped great. Arrived with great root system. Couldn't be happier!
Great seedling
Easiest anthurium to acclimatize in my opinion. It is absolutely lovely. It was a great size for a seedling. Very happy to have it. As usual, Ecuagenera does not disappoint. Thrilled that they offered the seedling and super happy with the specimen I got.
a very good size for a seediling
A very good exchange with people of Ecuagenera, very high quality of service.
Really good experience
Good size seedling. Acclimatized very well and did not lose any leaves. Once again, very happy with my purchase. Thank you
I love the option of picking up at orchid shows. Happy with my purchase ( size and health of my plants).
Didn't travel great
I ordered four plants and this was the only one that didn't arrive in good shape. Bummer. Overall it's a healthy plant and I'm sure it will be fine. I'd say the longest leaf was appx. just shorter than 1 ft long, but it broke so I had to cut it off halfway. Well rooted and much larger than what I would consider a seedling.
Seems to even tolerate low light quite well.
I've had my plant for a couple of weeks. I put mine is sphagnum moss and has acclimatized very well. Since I made a quite large order I ended up with little space for this plant and it's been in a quite dark corner and has no issue and seems to be growing a new leaf (maybe slower as usual but it's growing for sure). It does have that velvety sheen to it which makes it different from other pendant anthuriums. The size was also a bit larger than I would have expected from a seedling.
Arrived healthy, quick to push out new roots
The plant arrived looking just like the previous photos posted here for this plant. had 5 small but beautiful leaves, the oldest of which yellowed and fell off after a day. I didn't put it in a prop box or anything and just have it in tree fern fiber, and it started growing roots/pushing out roots in just 2 days, peeking to the side of the clear plastic pot it's in. Seems like it's a pretty easy going plant.
This plant was kind of a last-minute add-on for me, but has quickly become one of my favorite from the shipment. It arrived in great shape - perfect leaves and roots, and continues to acclimate easily.
Bigger than expected
The plant was carefully packed and had no transport damage. Acclimated really quickly. Recommended
Big for seedling size, great roots!
Location: Singapore

Ecuagenera never cease to amaze me with the quality of their plants. Received a larger than expected specimen with super healthy and thick roots. Well shipped with cushioning for the leaves, not all leaves came perfect but the team did everything they can to protect it. Customer service, Anahi and Karla were amazing!!! Thank you team Ecuagenera.
Fantastic plant
Plant was much larger than expected and arrived in wonderful condition. Has a great root system and acclimatised with no problems at all.
I received a seedling like listed, beautiful and healthy..
Bigger than expected!
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This anthurium is sold as a seedling but it's actually bigger. The longest leaf on mine is 7 inches and it has lots of roots. The leaves are very shiny and velvety. Very happy with it!
Larger Than Expected
To my surprise my pallidiflorum seedlings arrived larger than expected. Very healthy plant with great roots. Shipped extremely well with zero damage. Will definitely make future purchases, thank you Ecuagenera for providing great plants at a great rate!
Just came today... The roots were in good order... Nice plant
Healthy, well rooted plant
Well packaged.
I received the plant in really good conditions, no root rot noticeable. Just the smallest leaf was already yellowing, which is expected once you import plants.
Some of the leaves where damage due transit.
It was smaller than I expected, but it is already pushing a new leaf, not even two weeks later from its unboxing.
Healthy, well rooted plant
Well packaged.
I received the plant in really good conditions, no root rot noticeable. Just the smallest leaf was already yellowing, which is expected once you import plants.
Some of the leaves where damage due transit.
It was smaller than I expected, but it is already pushing a new leaf, not even two weeks later from its unboxing.
Beautiful, Healthy plant
Wow, just wow. When I purchased this plant I was expecting a seedling, a small plant with small leaves. I received a nice sized plant, the largest leave is about a foot long. There were no yellow leaves. It was package well and arrived quickly. Definitely recommend upgrading to faster shipping. I can't post pictures of the plant but if you check out my IG silverblue_planties I posted a picture of what it looked like a couple days after I got it.
Decent Size and Healthy Seedling
The plant was meticulously wrapped and no leaves are damage during shipment. Roots are healthy and the seedling size is worth more than the amount paid compares to other competitor in the market. Great work Ecuagenera Team!
Healthy and Good Size
Plant came in with healthy roots, no yellowing at all. Moss was still damp but not wet or dry. Packaged well. Plant was Seedling size but comparable to the image on here.
A healthy seedling
Plant was well packed with paper around the foliage and plastic wrap with moss around the roots. The leaves were approx 4 to 5 inches long. a good value compared to what is available in other sources online.
Very good
My seedling arrived with a bit of damage to it's newest leaf. But it's perked up from shipping and is looking ready to grow. The anthuriums I've received from this company have been hardier than expected. They are thriving...and I've bought several.
Best aroid of the bunch
This one arrived in the best condition out of any of the aroids or orchids I've received, with a non-rotted root system and even with seed leaves intact! It was also the first to recover within the first month of receiving my order. Gorgeous!
Beautiful young plant.
Plant arrived in perfect condition, immaculately wrapped in recycled paper. With no time it shall bloom when vague foolish sorrow stops at the door of my soul.
Lovely seedling
Somewhat smaller than I thought it would be (longest leaf cca 22 cm), but the roots are extensive and it looks very healthy. The packaging was also really thorough and there was zero damage too the leaves. It's been a few days and so far the plant is not showing any shipping stress.
Long leaves are the way to go - EU delivery
I received a healthy looking specimen at a seedling size with 5 leaves, one of which is about 25-30 cm long. Root ball looking really health with no root rot or browning. As far as long leaf plants go little damage to leaves is to be expected like breakage and small tears. Delivered during sub zero temperatures without a heat pack.
Beautiful Plants
Ordered 2 of these and while the roots werent extensive, the stem and leaves were great, and plant hardy. They did not drop any leaves and acclimated well. Would purchase this species again.
Seedling size pallidiflorum
My purchase with Ecuagenera has been consistently awful:/ I ordered 3 and they are all seedling size and lightly rooted. Do not recommend.
I have had only good experiences with ecuagenera in the past, but this order is really disapointing
Anthurium pallidiflorum is just a seedling(biggest leaf around 12cm) and barely rooted
I hope this wont happen next time and is just bad luck
Shipping was 18 days from Ecuador to Texas. Packaging was excellent–no lost leaves, roots were not overly/under moist. Healthy plant!
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