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Anthurium huixtlense
Anthutium huixtlense

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Anzahl der Bewertungen: 5
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,4
Very nice young plant
Has a very good root system and lots of leaves. I am excited for when this plant becomes mature!
Small plant
Roots are healthy. 3 leaves and lost one during shipping. Leaves are small, only around 12-13cm.
Big leaves with fragrant flowers
This was one of the first plants I got from you, and it grew well from the start. It has amazingly fragrant flowers that keep their odor for about a month or so! What an additional treat to the large leaves. I love my plant!
Well rooted healthy plant. Its a lot smaller than what is pictured though. Overall very nice. Happy with my purchase.
Beautiful, healthy plant
I received a healthy, well rooted big plant. It arrived within a few weeks of ordering, well packed and looking great. Many big leaves and some smaller baby stems popping up, too. Perfect. No leaf damage or root rot, just gorgeous!