Anthurium cutucuense

Anthurium cutucuense


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Doesn't ship well at all (10.08.2022)
Arrived 1 week ago. It's the second time I order this plant and on both occasions the shipping shock was bad. It has however good roots. So unless you are ready for a long rehab, I would not recommend.
Ok overall (08.08.2022)
It seems not to withstand transport well, but I got a refund.
Some shipping problems, but fully refunded (18.06.2022)
Shipping to Austria.
The plant is rather delicate, so it had mold that formed on the leaves during shipping, because the packaging was a little too damp. I lost almost all the leaves, but thankfully ecuagenera fully refunded me.
The plant has been in very high humidity setting ~90% since it arrived to me and is recovering. I am positively impressed that despite all the damage from shipping it still managed to recover. I am however still scared to lower the humidity, so until I get some courage it will stay in a closed box on my windowsill. I will not recommend this plant for a beginner, but if you have some experience, it's defenetly an interesting specimen worth having!
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