Philodendron maximum

Philodendron maximum

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Big specimen and adapted quickly! (09.08.2022)
Purchased this plant at a pop-up in May 2022, it had 3 leaves with 1 being quite large and a new leaf on the way. That new leaf was rotted inside the cataphylls but had another small leaf starting inside once I removed the cataphylls. It rooted thick pink roots within a month and is just finishing pushing out a new leaf that is looking like it has increased in leaf size from the last leaf it had when purchased. This is my favorite Philodendron and am excited to see how it grows from here.
Healthy! (17.06.2022)
Arrived in great condition and healthy. I put it in water and new roots are growing now.
Beautiful philodendron!
100% satisfied (26.02.2022)
Highly recommend. I got big plant with 4 leaves (about 40cm long), very good root system. I received plant with small travel damages, but healthy, big and strong. I'm very happy with this philodendron!

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