Philodendron heterocraspedon

Philodendron heterocraspedon


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All good (24.02.2023)
Ordered two in January. Arrived end of Feb to UK. I also had to delay delivery due to work. Turned up absolutely fine, no damage to leaves or cold damage. Roots seem ok too. I think it would adapt to my humidity of 75% just fine as happened with patriciae.
Super philo! (17.07.2022)
This is one that I just put in a vessel of water upon arrival until i saw active growth. Still doing great aftering transferring to aroid mix. I just cant get enough of these long boys.
Very sick plant (03.03.2022)
Upon arrival the roots were completely black and dry. I informed Ecuagenera right away. A day later the newest leaf became completely limp and lifeless and the new growth point was brown and unhealthy. I again reached out to them and their only suggestion was to put it in Sphagnum Moss. Two days later the leafs have developed this silver blotches all over the leafs and the plant is most definitely not going to make it. Pretty disappointing... This was a wishlist plant. I am going to have to propagate it in order to get anything from it if that's even possible...
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