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Anthurium balaoanum
Anthurium insigne var panguiensii #2

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This was 1 of 10+ plants i ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This plant arrived, bigger than what I expected, nice sized and healthy root system. This one was not phases in the least with being shipped. Within 3 weeks it had pushed out a new leaf and the root system is insane at this point. I could have put it in a bigger pot when it arrived but did not want to risk rot issues after shipping but as of tommorow I have to pot it up a size because that is how wildly the root system has taken off. So very very happy with this beauty. A big, strong and beautiful anthurium
Transported well
Nice plant arrived and it’s kept all its leaves!
Nice and healthy specimen
Received a healthy and beautiful plant - the customer service was super friendly and helpful!
I bought this plant not really knowing what to expect and lets face it, the price was right.
When it arrived, I was so pleased I had made this purchase. First off the plant was in great shape. Minimal transit damage on the leaves and a healthy root system. However the plant is so pretty and photo you see on this site does not do it do it any favours. It has acclimated well and a new leaf is on the way.
looks exactly as pictured
I love my A. Balaoanum! arrived healthy and beautiful!! I am happy to watch it grow into a mature plant!
Worth every Dollar Paid.
Received large specimen. Almost 50cm large 2 leaf. Mind blowing! So happy with this buy. Thank you again Ecuagenera Team.
One of the most beautiful plants in my aroid collection.
Got this plant in good condition and a decent size (largest leaf 15cm long). It has since been a fast grower and the leaf jumps are IMPRESSIVE! Within 6 months it has produced 5 new leaves, with the most recent leaf now 70cm long! Very fast grower! The leaves are still longer than wider and are in between the adult shape and the juvenile shape (with which it arrived). The newly forming leaves are very pale green (almost ghost-like) and have a metallic sheen to them. Really stunning!

Only added it to my order due to the friendly price tag, but it truly turned out to be high up rank with my more sought-after king, queen and regal anthuriums and whatever you call them.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
Amazing plant, so beautiful and almost perfect condition even though it travelled all the way to Sweden. Bigger than I expected!
Shipped wonderfully to US west coast, even in the cold. Super healthy roots and no yellowed leaves. Potted up right away, acclimated quickly, and started rooting quickly as well.
Great shape
Well rooted and nice sized plant. Travelled well
Travels well, smaller than expected
My order arrived 8 days late with freezing temps (even with Express upgrade) and amazingly, there were no leaves lost. About half of the roots were lost, but it's already putting out a new leaf. It did come quite a bit smaller than the photos which was slightly disappointing. Still a good value though
Travels well
I must say, this anthurium travels very well. Last month I had 3 arrive in my shipment, which arrived 8 days late and they were looking surprisingly well. The roots took a blow, but will bounce back. 2 of the 3 lost no foliage. 1 of them had immaculate foliage but no roots, so now after 2 weeks in acclimation it is dropping all the leaves, which is sad. I give 4 stars for how sturdy this travels.
Came in great shape
It came with two leaves. A new one is coming out. She needs a lot of humidity. Very happy!!