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My first anthurium was a crystallinum from Ecuqgenera in CA. It had two 10” leaves. I brought it home and it did nothing for two weeks and then it pushed out a 17” leaf! It has another huge one now as well as several inflorescences. It gave me the confidence to jump into the anthurium collection thing and I never looked back!
Pre-ordered for a pop-up. The plant arrived in great shape and acclimated well.
Came in very nice
Came in BIG and very impressive, probably one of the best plant delivered. Very happy with this purchased. Roots were good. two weeks later some roots rotted, but plant will survive, I think it is the norm with imports, shock and recovery period.
Looks like crystalinum black
I just got my order and my crystalinum was very good
My plant has 3 leaves 9 inches long & it looks like a black version.
Best out of my order
Super impressed with this one. Best plant out of my entire order. Root system super healthy and well established and the plant was HUGE.
Picked up at at a pop-up in Chicago. Came with 4 leafs, one very large. Healthy roots with no rot.
Beautiful and healthy plant
Shipped in good condition with 2 medium sized leaves. This plant released a leaf 1.5 time larger than the previous one. A beautiful and healthy plant with a lot of roots.
I also recommend this plant if you're an anthurium lover.
Happy customer from Sweden
I received the plant 2 weeks ago. No problems with root rot or yellowing leaves. You can not see that it been travelling half-way around the world. As with all new aroids I buy, I pot it in my aroid mix (very gently), and place it in my glass cabinet for a month or so (with some extra humidity). Good for the plants and to make sure no bugs get a new home ;-)
Worth the price
Received this and a seedling. This size was about a foot tall. Impressive roots as well. I added the seedling to my order over email and this was somehow added to the order (I didn't ask for it).
very good
Very nice and healthy plant
Packaging was good. Plant was very healthy and green when I got it. It adapted very well, started rooting almost imediatly.
Maybe received a bad one.
The other reviews are glowing, so I expected a nice sized Crystalinum. However, when I picked it up at the Pop-Up, my Crystalinum only had one leaf that was yellowing and damaged. There were no other leaves, which is so different from other reviews that said there are many big, beautiful leaves. Maybe it's a fluke, but ugh, what a disappointment.
As always, all arrived fresh like a rose ! so well wrapped and big ! incredible quality !
Very Striking Dark Form
This specimen is so beautiful. Very large leaves and very land thick healthy roots. It came in near perfect condition all the way to Central Florida. Only one small leaf has a little yellowing. But the plant is doing great. I highly recommend. They have such healthy big plants and ship them out so carefully and use UPS.
Exceptional Crystalinum Specimen
WOW! I can't believe how beautiful my new crystalinum is. I am seriously blown away by this quality. Absolutely stunning.
So big and beautiful did suffer a tad in shipping but had so many leaves it was still an impressive import.
OMG!!! What a beauty!
If you don't have seen those leaves with your eyes and not from photo you missed a lot of its beauty!
Unique quality, extremely well root, healthy and vigorous plant!
Alex you are the best and your team has so high professional standards! Keep it like this and you will always be the best!!!
I received the plant with heathy root. It has two larger leaves and three smaller new leaf. It is a good size plant
I received my order within 3 business days from the day it was shipped. It arrived in pristine condition. It has two larger leaves and one smaller new leaf. It is a good size plant. I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience. I will be importing from Ecuagenera again.
He comprado dos plantas.
1 muy pequeña, bien empaquetada, 3 pequeñas hojas, muy buenas raíces, y muy saludable.
2 grande, mal empaquetada, 3 hojas grandes, por lo mal empaquetada que estaba venía 1 hoja arrancada y otra hoja cortada al 90%. Muy buenas raíces, un poco quemada en los extremos.

Las dos plantas se han aclimatado sin problemas, son saludables.
El problema es el tamaño de una, y el pésimo embalaje de la otra.
Probably another drunken purchase, sober me would have not bought!! Still regret!!
Ohhh so beautiful, healthy roots and bigger than I imagined. Absolutely recommend this beautiful plant!
Healthy and beautiful
Stunning plant, arrived with no damage. Highly recommended.
Initially worried about ordering from Ecuagenera due to apparent horrible feedback results.
Well, let me set the record straight for the h8ters & naysayers!
The order/ plant(s) arrived in AWESOME condition, it is as described and definitely EXCEEDED expectations,
1st off the plant, gorgeous (!),
2nd A very large plant.
3rd Excellent packaging, for all items and each individual plant.
4th The plants are actually thriving and not showing any signs of stress at all!
Arrived Perfectly
I received a large plant with three leaves and lots of healthy roots. There was no rot at all which is a huge deal for an import. I didn't lose a single leaf to shipping stress despite the hot weather.
Healthy roots, 2 healthy leaves, but the newest on e cracked off when opening the package. My bad. Now, months later the plants has made a gigantic leaf. When I say gigantic I mean gigantic. It is triple the size of the previous leaf.
Healthy and Vigorous
Ordered the crystalinum and Philodendron sharoniae , received both within ~2 weeks. They arrived looking very healthy. Kept them in a humid area to has been ~2 months since I received them; they continue to flourish and have both put out 1-2 new leaves in that short time.
Beautiful dark leaves!
Arrived perfectly with big beautiful leaves. Cannot recommend this enough!
very nice
arrived in excellent condition & is doing very well
exactly like the pictures
shipped well to singapore
amazing plant that has the same dark foliage as in the pictures
the one that i got had two growth points which promptly unfurled soon after unpacking it
Great plant
I recieved it about a month ago and love the plant. Was shipped with 3 big leaves and has already produced another big one, so I guess it acclimated pretty well! Also, very good root system on the platn I received!
All leaves are damaged, but hopefully plant is healthy.
I ordered 2 of this and I in my care for 2 months now, it came with all leaves damaged, and possible reason could be their packaging. There are 2-4 leaves in each plant. After 2 months, it is recovering, still has no new leaf, but it is quite disappointing to display it with damaged leaves. As a hobbyist, it is important for me that the plants looks nice to reduce my anxeity. So far, it is doing fine with healthy roots, and hopefully it won't deteriorate. Hopefully it grows new leaves so I can cut off the damaged leaves. My first time ordering at Ecuagenera. I have mixed feelings, (9 plants in total) since the weather is perfect in Europe for importing plants. All of my plants are damaged, some are almost dead.
Arrived beaten but recovered
I’ve had the plant for about 2 months. It arrived beaten with 2 small leaves and a good size chunk and some rot. It has recovered well and pushed a very beautiful leaf!
5 stars
Came in great shape, I did have to trim a few squishy roots but overall the plant looks healthy and I'm very pleased with it.
These always show up great. Minus the roots. Roots are always rotted when I receive. I'm used to re rooting Anthurium. It helps to do that in sphagnum I'm high humidity.
Beautiful plant!
This plant arrived in essentially perfect condition. Minimal root rot and the only leaf damage is that the largest leaf got bent. Gorgeous plant that shipped extremely well.
young plants
I ordered twice in hopes I will get the great large plant pictured, unfortunately both times I got small young plants...
Great plants, but arrived with mealybug
All the plants showed up with multiple undamaged leaves and looked very healthy, but they all had a small amount of mealybug on the backside of the leaves. It was taken care of in one treatment, so it was not a big deal but still worth mentioning.
beautiful healthy plant!
Love it! even tough its a young plant it came in with 4 large and healthy leaves
Great plant!
I received a very beautiful and healthy big plant. It had 3 medium size leafs in perfect condition and a great and healthy root system. The leafs are super dark and velvety. After a few weeks it made a huge and beautiful leaf.
Arrived really well packaged with extremely healthy roots and absolutely no transit damage on the leaves. It has acclimated really well with no signs of deteriorating over the past month. Absolutely love it!
It arrived with 2 leaves.
1 quite small, and the other huge.
Medium it was in was on a drier side.
The roots look alive though.
I prefer dry, then having to deal with rot.

All in all I am extremely happy.
And the plant is beautiful and healthy.
Large ones
I was surprised to get this big crystalinums with multiple leaves. These traveled easy as always. Good and healthy root system on both.
Whoever packed this deserves a raise. Everything was perfect except for about 2 inches of rot at the bottom of the stem, I just cut off. Other than that, it was perfect and huge.
Very Beautiful plant!
i got a very large plant with nice roots! very nice plant will be grabbing more!
healthy & large leaves
The plant arrived in good conditions. the foliage looks amazing and there's a new leaf on the way!
I ordered two of these plants and both of them are much larger than I anticipated. Both have leaves that are over 8 in Long one of the plants has a very extensive root system and the other plant has a smaller root system but it has more leaves on the plant. Both plants are in excellent condition and absolutely beautiful
Big and beautiful plants
I ordered four crystallinums and received them about 1 month ago. All four were HUGE, way bigger than any specimen I've seen in person. And they were so healthy, huuuge noodle roots and no leaf damage. They haven't put out new growth yet, but I think they will soon. Extremely happy with these!! For reference, I'm in California and I paid for the upgraded Express shipping.
Shipped well, healthy plant. Very pleased!
Plant in very good condition on arrival. Strong, healthy roots. One month later it is still doing well, no new growth yet but all the leaves are still in great condition. No pests, no root rot, no leaf drops!
Well shipped
A bit smaller than last time, but shipped very well with 3 leaves and healthy roots
Even better than expected!
Largest leaf 11 inches long! Great price, great condition, strong established roots.
Very Happy
Plant arrived in great condition. Packed well and showed no shipping stress. Two healthy leaves and good roots.
Very healthy plant.
I received this plant to my East coast USA Home of about 60-80% humidity at all times. It was in a grow tent with 90-100% for only a week. It is doing great and has new growth. Very Healthy.
My plant came with three leaves, all pretty large. The largest is bigger than my head. Roots were really healthy
All three plants arrived quickly and in great condition. I only lost 1 little leaf off of 1 plant. My order consisted of 2 velvet leaf anthuriums and 1green matte anthurium all at a great price compared to Asia. The velvet leaves had almost no damage. I will definitely order from this company again.
What a gorgeous plant! This was my first time ordering from Ecuagnera. I am so happy that I did! It had four amazing leaves with the latest being huge! I am very impressed and will be a repeat customer!
Great quality plant, healthy roots and great shipping! Cannot wait to order again!!
Huge leaves and thick root system
I received a plant with 4 leaves and the most recent leaf was huge. The root system is really thick and healthy. It's been a week since I received it and it's been acclimating very well, with only very minor yellowing on the oldest leaf. This plant ships super well.
Came with 2 large leaf and 1 smaller leaf. I've had this plant for 3 weeks now and it looks just as good as when it first arrived. Didn't even appear like a typical import plant, very very minimal damage. The root system could have been more extensive
This is my second A. crystalinum for Ecuagenera and as usual, I am impressed by how big the plant is. The plant is healthy. This is my favorite purchase so far :).
Arrived beautifully! It was a little moist due to the plastic packing, not sure if the new leaf will make it. Much larger than anticipated. Great customer service!
Arrived in good condition with healthy roots and 2 gorgeous leaves with just a little yellowing on the tips. They traveled really well. I did not use express shipping.
I received the plant today and it looks bigger than I thought. It has dark velvety green with shiny veining. One sprouting leaf did not make it (it got rotten but the plant has good roots.
This was dark green velvety goodness. Leaf was about 10 inches on a good bedtime ruler. 5 leaves, one still growing deep red and another growth point emerging. Thick quality. Shipped with moisture in the packaging but did not yellow anything. I would recommend paying for no longer than 2 day shipping for any Anthurium.
Nice dark foliage
Ordered 2 of the crystallinum. They are on the small side, but have multiple leaves. One of them has good intact roots, while the other HAD gorgeous roots but they were unfortunately completely severed from the stem-the moss was wrapped much too tight which caused the damage. Luckily this anthurium acclimates well, so growing new roots won't be difficult.
The foliage is a gorgeous near black colour and the silver veins are striking.
received this specimen with healthy roots and big leaves! despite the travel! honestly this specimen is hardy! love this plant!
It came in great condition.
It came in great condition. With 3 leaves and a 4th one on the way but I lost that baby and now I’m loosing the big leave because I probably gave her to much water right away or too much humidity too fast. Overall great experience.
Leaves were wet, roots with some damage but salvageable and is thriving now with a new leaf
Very healthy large root system. Plant has 2 leaves and is currently growing another leaf. Happy with my purchase.
Lovely but crispy
They came to me over two weeks ago and seem to be acclimating properly into new environment but there is some edge yellowing and crisping, mainly cause by wetness of the packaging in which they came. (I ordered three of them. One had little to no root system but two of them are manageable. Nevertheless happy to receive them in good condition despite the time of the year.
The plant arrived perfectly packed, in very good conditions with beautiful foliage and a super healthy root system. A medium size specimen, all leaves survived and a new leaf is already on its way out.
Small Size Plant Good Root System
I received a small plant with 2 leaves who didn't survive the trip, the plant has 3 leaves now thanks to the very good root system so I'm happy with the purchase. :)
Good size!
Came in with two leaves, one much larger than expected! Overall it is twice the size as my previous plant purchased in October. Good roots and acclimatised easily, even though it arrived without a heatpack as promised.
Good size
A healthy looking plant that came without a heat pack and surprisingly not damaged due to cold.
I love this plants so much. It was larger than I expected. Shipped like a champ.
Little small and root rot
Smaller than I expected largest leaf about 6" (15cm). Shipping took 3 days. New leaf was mushy and had to be cut off but it has 2 left. Bigger problem with the roots, basically all rotten. I have to to reroot.
very nice
It came to me in beautiful condition. I love it.
Great purchase
The plant arrived with four leaves and a strong root system. Very beautiful silver veins.
It acclimatized amazingly in my greenhouse.
Best root system ever
This Anthurium is a strong plant, luckily. After a long trip to Belgium, the root system is perfect!!
Leaves a lil bit cracked but it will be fine. Beautiful plant!
Its very nice beautiful Plant with striking silver vein leaves. Arrived in perfect condition. I hope it acclimatizes well in my environment.
Great products
Ive made a few orders and most have arrived in good condition. Recomend this site.
Gorgeous but one has poor root system
I purchased two of these. Both leaves came in great. However, one has poor or no root system at all. I had to re root. It finally starting to root after 23 days. I did not have the same luck with my magnificum though.
Beautiful plant
Gorgeous plant, as always from Ecuagenera. The best company to order from for sure in terms of price/ quality/customer service.
Unfortunately, due to Brexit border delays, my plants were in the mail for an extra 5 days and they are all dead, but this is not Ecuageneras fault.

Highly recommend.
Arrived very nicely, still lovely to this day!
Anthurium goddes
Despite the cold weather here, in Poland, the plant arrived in pristine condition. To be honest I was having second thoughts about ordering in winter but now I know one can trust Ecuagenera when it comes to winter proof packaging. There are 4 viable leaves and 5th on the way. Root system massive.
I´ve ordered this plant in December and i live in Germany. I was really worried it would show up in bad shape because of the temperature and long shipping.
It arrived in perfect condition, a really good root system and i couldnt spot any pests. It isas big as the plant shown in the picture.
Very pleased with my order :)
large leaves
Sturdy specimen, lasted 8+ days in the mail in one order with three other plants. Great size plant!
Packaged well and arrived in good shape with huge leaves. The root system was not did not come intact, no roots!
I received a great plant, with 3 very satisfying leaves. The new growth is attached to a big stick which can be used for propagation. Root system very good.
Received a pretty plant with one good leaf and the other one cut off halfway. Putting out a new shoot now. Root system was decent. A little small though, the leaf size of the good leaf is about 12cm.
Tiny plant
I have had only good experiences with ecuagenera in the past, but this order is really disapointing
Anthurium crystallinum is tiny and not very pretty
I hope this is a one time thing and will not happen next time
Beautiful plant with silver veining
This plant arrived in lovely condition with a very healthy root system. The specimen that we received is very dark and looks incredible in contrast with the glittery silver veining. Very pleased!
As always, I am very impressed with my purchase this anthurium arrived very healthy with a nice root system and a several healthy leaves. the biggest leaf was about a foot in length. The plant is much larger and healthier than I expected and very affordable price.
BEAUTIFUL specimen
My crystallinum arrived with one large leaf and a chunky and healthy root system. Within two weeks of recieving it she put out an even bigger, SPECTACULAR leaf. I have her in a net pot with perlite and sphagnum, she loves it. ALSO, the leaves come out bright red, unlike another crystallinum I got from another nursery.
Love these.
I bought two of these a few months ago, and have been really happy with the results. There was some leaf damage from shipping, but the roots are fantastic, and the plants are pretty large. Will definitely buy again.
Came with good roots, but all the leaves were damaged. It's been 1 month since I've bought it and it has put out a new leaf
Arrived in perfect conditin
Size of a plant and price were great and it arrived in super good condition with amazing roots! Recommend this highly.
I ordered two of these. Both came with two leaves. One arrived nearly perfect, the other one had a bit of a rotting situation that was still salvageable. Nevertheless, they are recovering well and still looks amazing.
very nice plants
plants arrived safely..very healthy roots..after 2 weeks from potting already new growth came out..will order again as soon as become available
I ordered a few of these beauties. They all arrived in perfect condition and were a little bigger than I expected them to be. Roots were healthy, packaging was great. I put them in sphagnum moss and most of them show signs of grow already (received them 3 weeks ago). Would definitely buy again!
After 3 weeks, one leaf wilted but it's already pushing out a new one. It has a really healthy root system and seems pretty resilient considering I almost forgot about it.
Excellent conditions
Arrived in great condition. Will definitely order again.
I purchased 4 Crystallinum and only one leaf had issues. That's pretty amazing for an import order. This wasn't my first order and will definitely not be my last.
Thick leaves, healthy roots, new growth
title says it all! leaves arrived intact and I put it in LECA. One leaf with the growth point was damaged but it’s pushing out new aerial roots and seems to be doing fantastic
Got this gorgeous plant with a healthy root system. Was informed when it would be shipped and asked if I wanted to update shipping, I stayed with regular mail and it arrived fine. Plant had 3 leaves, 1 yellowed so I cut it off. Now it's pushing out a new one. I've had it about 3 weeks now, new silver veining growing in too. I'd buy from these guys again
Good buy
One of the plants, that I picked up from a show. This is a good plant and did not have any trouble acclimating.
Plant came fairly fast and in great condition
5 stars. Very happy with my purchase. There was minor damage to 1 leaf but the rest of the plant was fantastic. Happy roots and plant!
Good roots
Plant has one damaged leaf and damaged growth point but already is bouncing back in a week and has really good roots
Arrived with a medium sized leaf and healthy roots. Seems to be acclimating well here in California.
A little sad
The plant came a little beaten up. It only had one leaf and that was slightly rotten. The roots were good though so the plant is pushing out more leaves.
Great starter plant
Received with two leaves but unfortunately lost the newest leaf due to heat and shipping. These plants are more fragile than most by nature. Great roots. After three weeks she is putting out a new leaf.
Great single leaf specimen.
The plant arrived with one healthy leaf and a healthy root system. can't wait to see it grow.
Gorgeous Plant, Robust Roots
Communication and shipping from Ecuagenera were perfect. I ordered two Anthurium crystallinum, both were packaged with care. They each had a robust and healthy root system, which was tucked in moist moss and wrapped in plastic. I will definitely be ordering other plants in the future! Beautiful!
Healthy roots & no foliage damage
Healthy white anthurium roots. Root bulb was packed with sphagnum moss and saran wrap. Foliage was wrapped with paper and then a plastic covering. 6 inch leaf.
Doing alright
The plant arrived with some root damage and some leaf yellowing one two of the three leaves, and has had more trouble acclimating than my other plants from Ecuagenera. It has yet to put out new growth after a few weeks, but is holding onto its one leaf just fine. It is gorgeous, and a good price, and the stem is thick and healthy so it should recover soon enough.
Strong and healthy plant
Packaging was amazing. Very strong and healthy root system. I am very pleased.
Healthy plant, healthy roots
The plant came in good shape, with minimal root damage and an established root system, and three leaves. The largest leaf is about 4 inches across, and the growth point was undamaged. There was some minor yellowing of the edges of the two older leaves, and some damage to the leaves from shipping.
I am so impressed with this plant. I was sent a 2 leaf plant with perhaps one of the BIGGEST root system I have ever got from a mail order plant. Leves were in great shape. Price can't be beat either.
My unboxing of the plant can be found here:
Great plant, leaves damaged in shipping
This beauty arrives with a massive, healthy root system. However all my plants in the order ended up with very damaged leaves. Some have none now. They really need to package better. Great roots though
I bought this crystallinum and another plant. They both arrived in AWESOME condition. The crystallinum did not lose one leave and it's gorgeous. Highly recommend this seller. Thank you!
Two healthy nice size leaves, plant arrived in great condition. Nice job from Ecuagenera staff as always! Very satisfied, highly recommended!
Very good.
I had the plant brought to a US show. It arrived in excellent condition with 2 beautiful leaves, and it put on a new leaf within 2 weeks.
Planta bien enraizada, sana, y con unas magníficas hojas. Excelente.