Adelonema picturatum

Adelonema picturatum


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Fresh, big plant with healthy roots (06.09.2021)
I ordered about a dozen of plants and I couldn't believe my eyes - they all arrived super fresh, with big developed leaves and healthy root systems. As if shipping never happened. Each plant was carefully wrapped to preserve moisture and prevent rot. This adelonema has several leaves, is of big size and looks very pretty. The leaves are velvety and have soft suede texture on the undersides. So far, I noticed this plant needs a lot of humidity in the roots area.
Large specimen in good condition, very healthy roots (25.07.2021)
The plant came in good condition. Leaf damage was insignificant on one old leaf. I am very pleased that the plant is already starting to move around its leaves; so I assume it will acclimate very well in my home :)

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