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Anthurium decipiens

Anthurium decipiens

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Beautiful Anthurium Can't wait to watch it grow
This is 1 of 10+ plants i ordered with expedited shipping. It is 2 1/2 months later. This plant was gorgeous when it arrived, no yellowing or damage. It was smaller than I was expected but still a very nice sized. Multiple small leaves and couple hand sized leaves. It had a small root system but healthy. It has not lost any leaves since shipping but has taken a little more time to settled in than some of my others but rooting nicely and has pushed out a new leaf as of yesterday. Very happy with this one and cannot wait to watch it grow
Bought from a Pop-Up in North Carolina. It was surprisingly more finicky than my Regale and Luxurians. It needs a watering schedule with extremely porous and fast draining soil. I wouldn't recommend for beginners.
Beautiful Anthurium
I've had my salgarense for quite some time now and it's doing great and has been a fast grower.

My home is roughly 50-60% humidity and it does fine out on a shelf. It's currently living in a glass bowl in dirty sphagnum and it is loving life. Highly recommend!
Healthy plant..
Arrived in great condition and it's a very healthy plant. It is responding well to the new location. Can't wait for it to grow big!
Healthy looking plant.
Received this beautiful plant but without any healthy roots. It seems to be doing really well with high humidity. No sign of new roots yet but generally looking positive.
Very nice plant!
Plant arrived in perfect condition, very pretty young plant.
Arrived in good condition, can't wait for it to grow more.
Two beautiful plants but one had some root rot and I emailed the company to get a new plant and I haven't heard back.
Healthy but small
Just perfect
My plant arrived in perfect condition, it was like I picked it up personally from them. It has a great size and good root system.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
Ordered 2 with usps express. One arrived in great condition with leaves about 6 inches long. The other arrived in severe root rot. Contacted Mrs. Yanza immediately and received great replacement. Ask for return policy before purchase.
Hello Big Boy / Plant
Plant was larger than I expected for an export / import to the USA. Very healthy plant with great roots. Would highly recommend the plant and seller to anyone. Packaging is mainly recycle friendly.
Thank you Ecuagenera! Great 1st purchase.
It came very well packaged and 3 beautiful leaves. We will most definitely do business again in the very near future. Thanks again and be safe
It came in very good conditions with very good roots