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Nice surprise!
I've never seen this plant in person before today... It was love at first sight. It's a lot glossier than it looks in photos. My plant was HUGE, 5 green leaves, one measuring 29 cm from tip to base. Robust, hardy root system too, does not like drying out! Definitely get this one if you like longer leaves and long internodes ;)
Arrived all yellow leaves
Was excited for the beautiful corrugated texture of the leaves, unfortunately arrived with yellow leaves and stem damage from the journey. Roots had browned in dry moss, while the rest of the order remained damp. I remained hopeful for the emerging green growth point, kept medium moist, in high humidity with air flow, bright indirect. Unusually, the rugapetiolatum (all remnants brown) could not recover like the more vigorous plants I've acclimated from Ecuagenera.
Beautiful plant
Such a beautiful plant with stunning leaf texture. Arrived with some yellowing leaves. Seems to be recovering well and starting to grow.
Stunning plant
The plant I received was gorgeous and healthy looking however there was only one small root. It seems to be establishing well aside from that.
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
a bit beat up but stunning
some leaves were yellowing but its bouncing right back and the texture on the leaves is very unique. this philodendron stands out among others in species.
Giant plant for your money
Definitely keep this plant in high humidity for the first few days so it adjusts correctly!
Very Nice plant
very well rooted, perfect condition
Beautiful healthy philodendron AAAAA+++++++
Philo arrived healthy with 2 beautiful leaves and another coming out, good root system. Potted up nicely into a 6 inch pot with soiless aroid mix. Highly recommended philodendron to add to your collection. The 'rugged' leaf stems are a bonus!
Ordered one plant with USPS express and both leaves arrived damaged then eventually died. Very minor root rot, which I immediately cut off and currently trying to regrow roots. Ask for the refund policy before purchase. It's hit or miss.
Sehr schöne Pflanze
Heute kam meine Pflanze an ich war ein wenig nervös weil es meine erste Bestellung war und ich nicht wusste wie die Pflanze so eine lange Reise schafft.
Bin echt überrascht in was für einem guten Zustand sie hier ankam. Habe mich sehr gefreut. Danke ihr macht tolle Arbeit werde bestimmt noch öfter bei euch bestellen.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
Good conditions
Plant arrived fast and in fairly good conditions. One leaf yellow. New unfurled leaf got rot But the grow point is good and very good roots. So a bit of patience is needed.